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Recent Abbreviations

Aircraft Sales Services Limited
Alliance for Youth Inclusion in Government
Bare Ass Shrapnel Fart
Barclay Hills Neighborhood Association
Battle Record Information Core Environment
Building Success and Building Leaders
Clear Cell Gynaecological Cancer
Cognizant Digital Business
Centre for Environmental Justice
Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science

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Academic & Science

Libraries, Anthropology, Ecology, Archaeology, Nuclear, Linguistics, Ocean Science, Biology, Amateur Radio, Engineering

Abbreviations of Category Academic & Science

stand for Libraries acronyms, stand for Anthropology acronyms, stand for Ecology acronyms, stand for Archaeology acronyms, stand for Nuclear acronyms, stand for Linguistics acronyms, stand for Ocean Science acronyms, stand for Biology acronyms, stand for Amateur Radio acronyms, stand for Engineering acronyms,

Advisory, General, ASX Symbols, Insurance, Contractors, Mortgage, Finance, Real Estate, Toronto Stock Exchange, Agencies

Abbreviations of Category Business

stand for Advisory acronyms, stand for General acronyms, stand for ASX Symbols acronyms, stand for Insurance acronyms, stand for Contractors acronyms, stand for Mortgage acronyms, stand for Finance acronyms, stand for Real Estate acronyms, stand for Toronto Stock Exchange acronyms, stand for Agencies acronyms,

Conferences, Forestry, Music, Churches, Radio Stations, Art, Youth, Synagogues, Bible, Culture

Abbreviations of Category Community

stand for Conferences acronyms, stand for Forestry acronyms, stand for Music acronyms, stand for Churches acronyms, stand for Radio Stations acronyms, stand for Art acronyms, stand for Youth acronyms, stand for Synagogues acronyms, stand for Bible acronyms, stand for Culture acronyms,

File Extensions, Networking, Hardware, Cyber & Security, Telecom, Mobile, Assembly, Technology, DOS Commands, Artificial Intelligence

Abbreviations of Category Computing

stand for File Extensions acronyms, stand for Networking acronyms, stand for Hardware acronyms, stand for Cyber & Security acronyms, stand for Telecom acronyms, stand for Mobile acronyms, stand for Assembly acronyms, stand for Technology acronyms, stand for DOS Commands acronyms, stand for Artificial Intelligence acronyms,

Authorities, Air Force, Employment, Alliances, Bangladesh, Council, NASA, Federation, Politics, Commerce

Abbreviations of Category Governmental

stand for Authorities acronyms, stand for Air Force acronyms, stand for Employment acronyms, stand for Alliances acronyms, stand for Bangladesh acronyms, stand for Council acronyms, stand for NASA acronyms, stand for Federation acronyms, stand for Politics acronyms, stand for Commerce acronyms,

German, Romanian, French, Hebrew, Greek, Asian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Abbreviations of Category International

stand for German acronyms, stand for Romanian acronyms, stand for French acronyms, stand for Hebrew acronyms, stand for Greek acronyms, stand for Asian acronyms, stand for Portuguese acronyms, stand for Russian acronyms, stand for Spanish acronyms, stand for Turkish acronyms,

Websites, Emoticons, ASCII Character Codes, Blogs, Domain Names, Twitter, Internet, MIME Types, Chat, HTTP Error Codes

Abbreviations of Category Internet

stand for Websites acronyms, stand for Emoticons acronyms, stand for ASCII Character Codes acronyms, stand for Blogs acronyms, stand for Domain Names acronyms, stand for Twitter acronyms, stand for Internet acronyms, stand for MIME Types acronyms, stand for Chat acronyms, stand for HTTP Error Codes acronyms,

Clinical Medicine, Healthcare, Autism, Syndromes, British Medicine, Surgical, Therapeutics, Pharmacy, Dental, Medical Physics

Abbreviations of Category Medical

stand for Clinical Medicine acronyms, stand for Healthcare acronyms, stand for Autism acronyms, stand for Syndromes acronyms, stand for British Medicine acronyms, stand for Surgical acronyms, stand for Therapeutics acronyms, stand for Pharmacy acronyms, stand for Dental acronyms, stand for Medical Physics acronyms,

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Latest abbreviations

After-Death Communications
Asian Institute of Food Safety Management
Average Net Building Height
Aerospace Quality Research and Development
Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder