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Bussin F***in Waffles
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Bir Tawil
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Academic & Science

Academic & Science, Linguistics, Alumni, Hydrology, Amateur Radio, Geography, British Degree, Research, Sociology, Archaeology

Abbreviations of Category Academic & Science

stand for Academic & Science acronyms, stand for Linguistics acronyms, stand for Alumni acronyms, stand for Hydrology acronyms, stand for Amateur Radio acronyms, stand for Geography acronyms, stand for British Degree acronyms, stand for Research acronyms, stand for Sociology acronyms, stand for Archaeology acronyms,

Funds, ASX Symbols, Finance, Marketing, Contractors, Agencies, Logistics, Insurance, Products, General

Abbreviations of Category Business

stand for Funds acronyms, stand for ASX Symbols acronyms, stand for Finance acronyms, stand for Marketing acronyms, stand for Contractors acronyms, stand for Agencies acronyms, stand for Logistics acronyms, stand for Insurance acronyms, stand for Products acronyms, stand for General acronyms,

Pension, Travel & Tourism, Performing Arts, Parks, Development, Scouting, Workshops, News & Media, Religion, Memorials

Abbreviations of Category Community

stand for Pension acronyms, stand for Travel & Tourism acronyms, stand for Performing Arts acronyms, stand for Parks acronyms, stand for Development acronyms, stand for Scouting acronyms, stand for Workshops acronyms, stand for News & Media acronyms, stand for Religion acronyms, stand for Memorials acronyms,

Assembly, Computing, Cyber & Security, General, Texting, File Extensions, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, DOS Commands, Drivers

Abbreviations of Category Computing

stand for Assembly acronyms, stand for Computing acronyms, stand for Cyber & Security acronyms, stand for General acronyms, stand for Texting acronyms, stand for File Extensions acronyms, stand for Artificial Intelligence acronyms, stand for Networking acronyms, stand for DOS Commands acronyms, stand for Drivers acronyms,

Law & Legal, Commerce, Legislation, Governmental, Council, Fire Departments, Bureaus, Authorities, Suppliers, Police

Abbreviations of Category Governmental

stand for Law & Legal acronyms, stand for Commerce acronyms, stand for Legislation acronyms, stand for Governmental acronyms, stand for Council acronyms, stand for Fire Departments acronyms, stand for Bureaus acronyms, stand for Authorities acronyms, stand for Suppliers acronyms, stand for Police acronyms,

Asian, English, German, International, Dutch, Latin, Mexican, Polish, Russian, Indonesian

Abbreviations of Category International

stand for Asian acronyms, stand for English acronyms, stand for German acronyms, stand for International acronyms, stand for Dutch acronyms, stand for Latin acronyms, stand for Mexican acronyms, stand for Polish acronyms, stand for Russian acronyms, stand for Indonesian acronyms,

Chat, Twitter, Blogs, HTTP Error Codes, Domain Names, Wannas, Internet, ASCII Character Codes, Emoticons, MIME Types

Abbreviations of Category Internet

stand for Chat acronyms, stand for Twitter acronyms, stand for Blogs acronyms, stand for HTTP Error Codes acronyms, stand for Domain Names acronyms, stand for Wannas acronyms, stand for Internet acronyms, stand for ASCII Character Codes acronyms, stand for Emoticons acronyms, stand for MIME Types acronyms,

Surgical, Cancer, Drugs, Pharmacy, Physiology, Disability, Cardiology, Human Genome, Therapy, Therapeutics

Abbreviations of Category Medical

stand for Surgical acronyms, stand for Cancer acronyms, stand for Drugs acronyms, stand for Pharmacy acronyms, stand for Physiology acronyms, stand for Disability acronyms, stand for Cardiology acronyms, stand for Human Genome acronyms, stand for Therapy acronyms, stand for Therapeutics acronyms,

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