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Recent Abbreviations

Acute Paediatric Life Support
Anti Racist Organizational Change
Academic Response To Intervention Facilitators
Blankets Of Hope
Care Bear Nintendo Cosplay
Country Days Child Development Center
Combined Optical and Magnetic Stimu
Coordinated Registry Networks
A professional graffiti group from Brno, Czech republic
Daily Atmospheric Ionospheric Limb Imager

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Academic & Science

Anthropology, Academic Degrees, Research, Engineering, Atmosphere, Robotics, Universities, Biology, Chemistry, Academic & Science

Abbreviations of Category Academic & Science

stand for Anthropology acronyms, stand for Academic Degrees acronyms, stand for Research acronyms, stand for Engineering acronyms, stand for Atmosphere acronyms, stand for Robotics acronyms, stand for Universities acronyms, stand for Biology acronyms, stand for Chemistry acronyms, stand for Academic & Science acronyms,

NYSE Symbols, Tax, Advisory, Career, Insurance, General, ASX Symbols, Mortgage, Marketing, Advertising

Abbreviations of Category Business

stand for NYSE Symbols acronyms, stand for Tax acronyms, stand for Advisory acronyms, stand for Career acronyms, stand for Insurance acronyms, stand for General acronyms, stand for ASX Symbols acronyms, stand for Mortgage acronyms, stand for Marketing acronyms, stand for Advertising acronyms,

History, Bible, News & Media, Waste Managment, Unions, Travel & Tourism, Theater, Youth, Synagogues, Clubs

Abbreviations of Category Community

stand for History acronyms, stand for Bible acronyms, stand for News & Media acronyms, stand for Waste Managment acronyms, stand for Unions acronyms, stand for Travel & Tourism acronyms, stand for Theater acronyms, stand for Youth acronyms, stand for Synagogues acronyms, stand for Clubs acronyms,

Unix Commands, Artificial Intelligence, DOS Commands, Java, General, Hardware, Software, Databases, Assembly, File Extensions

Abbreviations of Category Computing

stand for Unix Commands acronyms, stand for Artificial Intelligence acronyms, stand for DOS Commands acronyms, stand for Java acronyms, stand for General acronyms, stand for Hardware acronyms, stand for Software acronyms, stand for Databases acronyms, stand for Assembly acronyms, stand for File Extensions acronyms,

FDA, Commerce, Law & Legal, Military, Authorities, Air Force, Nazi Regime, Suppliers, State & Local, Civic & Municipal

Abbreviations of Category Governmental

stand for FDA acronyms, stand for Commerce acronyms, stand for Law & Legal acronyms, stand for Military acronyms, stand for Authorities acronyms, stand for Air Force acronyms, stand for Nazi Regime acronyms, stand for Suppliers acronyms, stand for State & Local acronyms, stand for Civic & Municipal acronyms,

Tamil, Thai, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Guatemalan, Mexican, Lithuanian, Asian, Italian

Abbreviations of Category International

stand for Tamil acronyms, stand for Thai acronyms, stand for French acronyms, stand for Portuguese acronyms, stand for Turkish acronyms, stand for Guatemalan acronyms, stand for Mexican acronyms, stand for Lithuanian acronyms, stand for Asian acronyms, stand for Italian acronyms,

Internet, Websites, HTTP Error Codes, ASCII Character Codes, Blogs, Emoticons, Chat, MIME Types, Wannas, Domain Names

Abbreviations of Category Internet

stand for Internet acronyms, stand for Websites acronyms, stand for HTTP Error Codes acronyms, stand for ASCII Character Codes acronyms, stand for Blogs acronyms, stand for Emoticons acronyms, stand for Chat acronyms, stand for MIME Types acronyms, stand for Wannas acronyms, stand for Domain Names acronyms,

Neurology, Drugs, Cardiology, Diseases, Hospitals, British Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Autism, Transplantation, Physiology

Abbreviations of Category Medical

stand for Neurology acronyms, stand for Drugs acronyms, stand for Cardiology acronyms, stand for Diseases acronyms, stand for Hospitals acronyms, stand for British Medicine acronyms, stand for Clinical Medicine acronyms, stand for Autism acronyms, stand for Transplantation acronyms, stand for Physiology acronyms,

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