The Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) is an international organization established with the primary goal of fostering economic cooperation and accelerating the economic development of its member countries. It was founded in 1992 by 11 countries of Southeast Europe and the South Caucasus, namely, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia. This organization aims to foster the development of regional trade by creating a free trade zone in the region. In addition to this, it also works towards increasing investment opportunities as well as developing transportation links between member states.


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Shorthand: BSEC,
Full Form: Black Sea Economic Cooperation

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What Does BSEC Mean?

BSEC stands for Black Sea Economic Cooperation which is an intergovernmental economic regional organization that acts as a platform for countries surrounding the Black Sea to come together to promote further cooperation in terms or economic growth and development. The organization was established in 1992 with the intention of boosting economies through increased trade and investment opportunities among its members. Since its establishment it has grown to include 12 members from Southeast Europe and the South Caucasus: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia Moldova Ukraine and Russia.

Purpose Of BSEC

The primary purpose of BSEC is to promote stability and prosperity in the region by fostering economic cooperation between its members. This includes encouraging greater bilateral and multilateral trade flows among them while reducing barriers such as customs tariffs agreements or lack thereof. Further efforts are also made to help improve existing infrastructure within member states including roads railways ports airports etcetera which would facilitate more efficient trade operations throughout their respective territories improving connectivity across borders while promoting regional peace security stability and overall well-being. The organization also adopts various regulatory frameworks regulations / standards related to environment protection intellectual property protection consumer protection etcetera which would support a safer more regulated form of trading activities within member states thereby increasing trust levels within business exchanges across boundaries.

Final Words:
In conclusion BSEC has played an essential role in promoting socio-economic advancement amongst its members since it was founded back in 1992. Its key objectives lie in furthering regional integration via strengthened connections between countries located around the Black Sea which could then be used as a catalyst for growth within each nation’s economy while also helping establish better business regulations throughout areas under its influence ultimately leading towards higher levels of trust between countries at both governmental political and commercial levels alike.


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