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The Atlanta Chinese Christian Church (ACCC) is an intercultural church in Georgia, USA, which serves a diverse population of Asian Americans. ACCC offers both English and Chinese language ministry services, as well as various outreach programs and events to support the local community.


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ACCC mostly used in an acronym Churches in Category Community that means Atlanta Chinese Christian Church

Shorthand: ACCC,
Full Form: Atlanta Chinese Christian Church

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Atlanta Chinese Christian Church (ACCC) strives to be an intercultural church that serves the diverse population of Asian Americans living within its community by providing both English and Chinese ministry services, along with various outreach programs designed to provide aid for those experiencing poverty or homelessness in the area. Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, feel free to join one of our Sunday services or reach out to us over email or phone if you would like more information about what we offer here at our church!


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