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The Association of Somali Women Lawyers (ASWL) is an independent, non-profit organization that was created to empower, protect and advance the rights of Somali women in Somalia, as well as worldwide. Its mission is to promote gender equality in legal reform and practice by encouraging equal access to justice for all members of society.


ASWL meaning in Associations in Community

ASWL mostly used in an acronym Associations in Category Community that means Association of Somali Women Lawyers

Shorthand: ASWL,
Full Form: Association of Somali Women Lawyers

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What are the main objectives of ASWL?

The main objectives of ASWL include advocating for legal reforms that protect the rights of Somali women; providing legal advice and representation to facilitate access to justice for vulnerable members of society; raising awareness and understanding among policy makers and practitioners about issues related to gender, human rights, justice and rule of law; strengthening the capacity of grassroots organizations operating in Somalia; creating a platform for networking between organizations working on women's issues throughout Somalia; creating a forum to monitor progress related to respect for women's human rights; and facilitating social dialogue on reforms concerning gender-based violence prevention.

Who can join ASWL?

Membership in ASWL is open to any individual lawyer from Somalia who works with or has experience working with women's human rights issues. In addition, individuals from other professions such as social workers, psychiatrists and health care professionals who work with women are also welcome to join.

What activities does ASWL undertake?

ASWL undertakes a wide variety of activities including providing legal advice and representation for cases related to gender-based violence; facilitating public outreach campaigns on topics such as female genital cutting/mutilation (FGM/C); conducting workshops on domestic violence laws, land and property rights under Sharia law; organizing training sessions on international conventions relevant to Somali women's rights and sensitizing law enforcement officers on their legal obligations regarding protection against violence directed at women; advocating against laws imposing discrimination against women in education, employment or politics etc.; creating networks among female lawyers across Somalia; hosting seminars/workshops/conferences discussing socio-cultural practices impeding women's development etc.

What has been achieved by ASWL so far?

So far, some major achievements include development of a legal network composed mainly from members representing many regions within Somalia where regional meetings have been organized since 2007 offering training courses for lawyers representing FGM victims; increased access through its offices located in Mogadishu―Somalia's capital city―for advice before filing cases in court setting up rules about how cases should be conducted legally assisting over 200 victims suffering from Gender Based Violence (GBV); setting up case referral systems amongst organizations helping GBV Victims fighting against all forms discrimination in its various forms ranging from religion based discrimination down through civil status based discrimination.

Final Words:
Since its formation in 2004, the Association of Somali Women Lawyers (ASWL) has grown into an effective non-profit organization promoting gender equality in legal reform and practice around the world. Through its commitment to advocacy, educational programs, representing vulnerable individuals before courts,and other activities it has made a positive impact on both national conforming law as well as local traditional customs affecting security, privacy,human dignity,equal treatment,equal opportunities,non-discrimination etc


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