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The Punjab Health Facilities Management Company (PHFMC) is an organization that is responsible for the management and maintenance of public health facilities in Punjab, India. It was established in 2018 to provide quality healthcare services to citizens of Punjab. The PHFMC is committed to improving healthcare access and quality across the state through its public health facilities.


PHFMC meaning in Management in Business

PHFMC mostly used in an acronym Management in Category Business that means Punjab Health Facilities Management Company

Shorthand: PHFMC,
Full Form: Punjab Health Facilities Management Company

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What is PHFMC?

PHFMC stands for Punjab Health Facilities Management Company, an organization responsible for managing and maintaining public health facilities in Punjab, India.

What are the objectives of PHFMC?

The main objective of PHFMC is to ensure that all citizens of Punjab have access to quality healthcare services through its public health facilities.

How does PHFMC provide healthcare services?

The PHFMC provides healthcare services through its various programs such as the Public Health Organizational Program, which focuses on developing policies and protocols related to the management of public health care centers; the Clinical Quality Assurance Program, which ensures that patient safety standards are met; and the Training and Development Program, which provides training opportunities for medical personnel.

Who funds PHFMC activities?

The Government of Punjab funds all activities related to the running of the PHFMC including infrastructure investments, hospital staff wages, equipment purchases, etc. In addition, private funding has also been received from organizations such as international non-government organisations (INGOs), local philanthropists and other sources.

How does one contact PHFMC for assistance?

People can contact the helplines or visit their website or office located at Ludhiana Road, Jalandhar City from 8am to 4pm on working days. Additionally they can email or call any time at [email protected] or 0181-3019007 during working hours respectively.

Final Words:
In conclusion, the Punjab Health Facilities Management Company (PHFMC) has been established with a mission to ensure that all citizens have access to high quality healthcare services across Punjab. Its activities are funded by both Government resources and private donations from NGOs and philanthropists alike. People can access its services via helplines or visit their office located in Jalandhar City or online at www.phfmcindia.com.


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