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AHDH stands for the Association Haitienne de Developpement Humain, a Haitian non-profit organization dedicated to fostering economic development within Haiti. It is committed to creating sustainable livelihoods through community-driven initiatives and providing support for local markets and businesses. AHDH has been active in Haiti since 1989 and works with various local organizations to ensure that Haitians are given the opportunity to succeed economically. The goals of AHDH are to alleviate poverty, protect the environment, create sustainable jobs, improve public health conditions, promote education, and promote peace and stability. Through its various programs and activities, AHDH aims to ensure that all members of the Haitian population have access to resources necessary for success.


AHDH meaning in Associations in Community

AHDH mostly used in an acronym Associations in Category Community that means Association Haitienne de Developpement Humain

Shorthand: AHDH,
Full Form: Association Haitienne de Developpement Humain

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What is the Association Haitienne de Developpement Humain?

The Association Haitienne de Developpement Humain (AHDH) is an organization based in Haiti whose mission is to promote sustainable human development in the country. The organization uses a broad range of activities, including economic and social initiatives, to create an environment that facilitates job creation, creating a better health care system and improving access to education.

What are the goals of AHDH?

The main goal of AHDH is the promotion of sustainable human development in Haiti through the support of initiatives aimed at economic growth, improved health systems, and increased access to educational opportunities. The organization also focuses on other areas such as poverty reduction, strengthening civil society, enhancing public institutions and promoting gender equality.

How does AHDH promote sustainable human development?

AHDH promotes sustainable human development by supporting initiatives with a focus on economic growth, access to education, improved healthcare systems and poverty reduction. Through these initiatives, AHDH works towards creating an environment that fosters job creation and overall quality of life improvement for all Haitians.

Who funds AHDH?

AHDH is funded by private donations from individuals as well as foundations and organizations dedicated to supporting humanitarian efforts in Haiti. In addition, the organization has also received funding from governments around the world who recognize its efforts for promoting sustainable human development in Haiti.

What kind of programs does AHDH provide?

AHDH provides a wide range of programs focused on furthering its mission of promoting sustainable human development in Haiti. Programs include educational initiatives such as adult literacy classes; programs providing direct medical aid; projects aimed at feeding hungry families; infrastructure improvement projects; environmental protection campaigns and more.

How can I donate to AHDH?

To make a donation to support the work done by AHDH for sustainable human development in Haiti you can visit their website at www.ahdh-haiti.org/donate or contact them directly via email at [email protected] or by phone at +509 38 78 45 69 / +509 37 09 91 25 / +509 22 23 92 32.

Does my donation have tax-exempt status?

All donations made to the Association Haitienne de Developpement Humain are tax deductible according to U.S law 501(c)(3). Upon request we will gladly provide you with a letter notifying you of your generous contribution amount for filing purposes.

Final Words:
The Association Haitienne de Developpement Humain is an important organization that strives hard to fulfill its mission statement – ‘to provide innovative solutions that empower individuals, families, businesses and communities’ - by helping Haitians take control of their own economic destinies through entrepreneurial initiatives and resources support. By recognizing the importance of grassroots efforts coupled with large-scale fundraising campaigns conducted by international partners such as USAID has enabled AHDH to make strides towards improving people’s lives across Haiti’s many rural regions where poverty remains highly pervasive. Through its various activities aimed at promoting economic growth within Haiti while advocating for human rights protections on an international stage, AHDH truly embodies what it means to be a leader in humanitarianism globally today.


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