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Program Latihan Kemahiran Kerjaya (PLKK) provides an opportunity for individuals to cultivate and hone their skills in particular areas of study, allowing them to gain a higher level of expertise. It was initially introduced by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education in 2017 to facilitate better career opportunities and outcomes for graduates. Through this program, graduates are able to develop transferable skills that will help them make the transition from student life to the global workforce.


PLKK meaning in Unclassified in Miscellaneous

PLKK mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Program Latihan Kemahiran Kerjaya

Shorthand: PLKK,
Full Form: Program Latihan Kemahiran Kerjaya

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An Overview

Program Latihan Kemahiran Kerjaya (PLKK) offers participants the opportunity to gain greater insight into specific subject areas and focus on developing practical skills that can be readily applied in the workplace. By receiving specialized knowledge and training within an area of study, PLKK participants will have a greater understanding of how concepts may be applied in real-world scenarios. This platform also enables individuals to build networks with industry professionals, providing access to potential employers and valuable resources.


One of the key benefits provided by Program Latihan Kemahiran Kerjaya (PLKK) is the opportunity it provides for individuals to explore more advanced topics within the confines of their chosen subject area. By enhancing their knowledge base and honing existing skills through specialized workshops and seminars, graduates can maximize their chances of gaining employment upon completion of their studies. Furthermore, this program prepares young professionals for senior level positions by providing crucial insights into how various industries operate as well as creating pathways towards graduate school or postgraduate study programs.

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What is the purpose of Program Latihan Kemahiran Kerjaya?

It provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their skills and knowledge in their chosen field. It also helps them build meaningful connections within their communities, so they can make informed decisions about their career paths.

Who is eligible to participate in the Program Latihan Kemahiran Kerjaya?

Any Malaysian citizen who is between the ages of 18 - 40 and has a minimum qualification of SPM or equivalent is welcome to apply for the program.

What kind of training will be conducted under this program?

The program provides various training opportunities, such as workshops, seminars, technical and soft skills training, placement with industry partners and mentorships to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen profession.

How long does it take to complete the entire program?

The duration depends on the individual's goals and commitment level. However, most participants usually complete it within six months or less.

Are there any fees I need to pay for participating in PLKK?

No, participation in PLKK is free as it is funded by the Malaysian government.

Are there any job placements after completion of PLKK?

Yes! PLKK offers a wide range of job placements for successful participants through its network of employers and industry partners. They also offer job-readiness programs that help prepare applicants for interviews, salary negotiations, and other important aspects related to employment searches.

Is there any age limit I need to consider if I want to apply for PLKK?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old and no older than 40 years old when applying for this program.

Do I have to have a certain qualifications before applying for this program?

Yes, all applicants must possess at least SPM level education or equivalent in order to be eligible for the program.

Final Words:
In conclusion, Program Latihan Kemahiran Kerjaya (PLKK) is an invaluable service offered by the Malaysian Government that allows recent university graduates or soon-to-be graduates an opportunity to enhance their job prospects and prepare themselves for future success. With its focus on practical learning experiences coupled with networks made available with experts in relevant fields, PLKK provides students with a comprehensive foundation needed when transitioning into professional life.


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