What does ETRSN mean in NAVY

The abbreviation ETRSN stands for Electronics Technician (Submarine Communications) Seaman. They are essential personnel in the United States Navy, who are responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting submarine communications systems.


ETRSN meaning in Navy in Governmental

ETRSN mostly used in an acronym Navy in Category Governmental that means Electronics Technician (Submarine Communications) Seaman

Shorthand: ETRSN,
Full Form: Electronics Technician (Submarine Communications) Seaman

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What do ETRSNs do?

ETRSNs are tasked with maintaining and troubleshooting electronic systems aboard submarines, particularly the communication systems.

What qualifications must an individual have to become an ETRSN?

Generally speaking, candidates must have a good working knowledge of electrical engineering principles as well as skills in technical problem-solving. Additionally, they need to qualify for a security clearance and have some military experience or relevant coursework taken.

Final Words:
In summary, Electronics Technician (Submarine Communications) Seaman is an important role within the U.S. Navy that requires individuals qualified in electrical engineering and experience working in a high-pressure environment. With their specialized training and expertise, these professionals enable successful communication operations on board submarines all over the world!


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