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Swine enteric coronavirus disease (SECD) is a disorder caused by certain strains of the coronavirus family. SECD affects pigs and other livestock species, causing respiratory and digestive symptoms in affected animals. It is spread through contact with infected faeces and respiratory secretions. The disease can cause severe economic losses due to high mortality rates and reduced productivity among infected herds. The most common clinical signs of SECD include fever, anorexia, depression, lethargy, diarrhoea, vomiting and labored breathing. Currently there are no treatments or vaccines available for this virus; however, preventive measures such as improved hygiene and sanitation practices can help reduce the risk of infection.


SECD meaning in Diseases in Medical

SECD mostly used in an acronym Diseases in Category Medical that means Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease

Shorthand: SECD,
Full Form: Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease

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What Is SECD?

Swine enteric coronavirus disease (SECD) is an infectious disorder caused by certain strains of the coronavirus family. It primarily affects pigs and other livestock species including goats, sheep, horses and rabbits. Infected animals may exhibit clinical signs such as fever, anorexia, depression, lethargy, diarrhoea and labored breathing. In some cases, infected animals may develop pneumonia or gastrointestinal distress leading to death in some cases. The virus spreads through contact with contaminated faeces or respiratory secretions from an infected animal but can also spread directly from animal-to-animal contact.

Preventive Measures

In order to reduce the risk of infection with swine enteric coronavirus disease (SECD), it is important to practice good biosecurity measures on farms and carefully monitor animal health status within a herd or flock for early detection of clinical signs associated with the disease. Good hygiene practices such as frequent cleaning and disinfecting feed troughs as well as separating sick animals from healthy ones should be followed whenever possible to reduce cross-infection between animals on premises. Vaccines are not currently available for this virus but research is ongoing in this area hoping to create one in the near future.


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