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Cape Fear Memorial Foundation (CFMF) is a non-profit organization located in North Carolina, founded in 1981. The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life for residents of New Hanover and Pender counties by supporting programs and initiatives that address community needs.


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CFMF mostly used in an acronym Foundations in Category Miscellaneous that means Cape Fear Memorial Foundation

Shorthand: CFMF,
Full Form: Cape Fear Memorial Foundation

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What does CFMF do?

CFMF raises funds for projects and organizations that advance the welfare of people throughout the community. These funds are provided through donations, grants and other sources.

Where is CFMF located?

CFMF is located in Wilmington, NC, in New Hanover County.

What type of impact does CFMF have on its community?

CFMF has had tremendous impact on its community over the years. It has helped create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, build schools, provide housing to underserved populations and invest in important social services.

How can I support the mission of CFMF?

There are several ways to support the mission of CFMF including volunteering with their organization or donating time or money to their specific causes.

What types of grant opportunities does CFMF offer?

CFMF offers grant programs that include Education & Learning Grants, Community Health Grants and Child & Early Childhood Learning Grants.

Final Words:
The Cape Fear Memorial Foundation works toward improving quality of life for residents throughout New Hanover and Pender counties through various initiatives and grant programs. By supporting these efforts individuals can help make a lasting difference in their local community.

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