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Animal Care and Use Protocol (ACUP) is an important part of the scientific research process. It outlines the ethical and humane requirements necessary to ensure the wellbeing of laboratory animals used in scientific research. ACUPs are written by universities, laboratories, and other research facilities to protect both animal welfare and experimental data integrity.


ACUP meaning in Animals in Miscellaneous

ACUP mostly used in an acronym Animals in Category Miscellaneous that means Animal Care and Use Protocol

Shorthand: ACUP,
Full Form: Animal Care and Use Protocol

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What is Animal Care and Use Protocol?

Animal Care and Use Protocol (ACUP) is a comprehensive set of guidelines that outline ethical requirements for laboratory animals used in scientific research. It sets forth standards for humane animal care and seeks to ensure that the results from animal studies are reliable.

What does a standard ACUP include?

A standard ACUP will include rules regarding cage size, water quality, access to food, temperature/humidity controls, cage cleaning protocols, handling instructions, sanitation details such as housing location within a building or room, euthanasia methods, personnel training requirements etc.

Who writes an ACUP?

An ACUP can be written by the researchers themselves or overseen by university committees or external organizations such as National Institutes of Health (NIH) or Institutional Animal Care & Use Committees (IACUC).

Is an ACUP legally binding?

Yes - if an organization or institution fails to follow the guidelines outlined in their ACUP document they may be liable for disciplinary action or legal repercussions. Therefore it is important for researchers to make sure that their proposed experiments comply with all mandated regulations pertaining to animal use and experimentation.

Are there any exemptions from an ACUP?

The IACUC may grant approval for certain exemptions from some parts of an approved protocol when requested via an amendment application. Exemptions must meet approved criteria for exemption maintained by the facility's IACUC according to federal regulations.

Final Words:
Animal Care and Use Protocols are essential documents that must be adhered to in order to both protect animal welfare while ensuring experimental data reliability. Proper implementation of these protocols helps promote ethical treatment of animals in scientific research settings while maintaining scientific integrity with accurate results free from bias or mistakes due to potential negligence caused by improper care standards.


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