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Doa Usaha Istiqamah and Tawakkal (DUIT) is an abbreviation that stands for a philosophical approach to life. DUIT encourages resilience, perseverance and humility when faced with difficult situations. It promotes the idea of trusting Allah while striving to make progress in life


DUIT meaning in Unclassified in Miscellaneous

DUIT mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Doa Usaha Istiqamah and Tawakkal

Shorthand: DUIT,
Full Form: Doa Usaha Istiqamah and Tawakkal

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What does DUIT mean?

Doa Usaha Istiqamah and Tawakkal stands for a philosophical approach that emphasizes resilience, perseverance and humility in times of hardship. It proposes trusting Allah while striving to make progress in life

What are the elements of DUIT?

The core principles of DUIT include "doa usaha" meaning prayer and effort, "istiqamah" meaning steadfastness, as well as “tawakkal” which translates as having faith and trust in Allah when dealing with difficulty

What are the benefits of adhering to DUIT philosophy?

Adhering to the philosophy of Doa Usaha Istiqamah and Tawakkal allows people to have faith even in hard times, maintain hope against all odds, remain humble despite success or failure, be resilient despite setbacks and maintain focus on progress even when faced with difficult situations

How relevant is this philosophy today?

This philosophy has been relevant throughout history but especially pertinent today given the unprecedented challenges brought on by Covid-19. In uncertain times like these, trust in God remains paramount but so does taking consistent action towards achieving goals without putting too much pressure on ourselves

Are there any other philosophies similar to DUIT?

Yes - one such related concept is Sabr - a term that means patience and fortitude during difficult times. Similarly Sabr also encourages people to strive for improvement using their own efforts whilst leaving outcomes up to God's will at the same time


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