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The Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute (IGCI) is an international body that focuses on the safe and efficient removal of hazardous industrial gases from the environment. Established in 1982, IGCI is a non-profit organization committed to promoting research, training, education and tourism activities related to industrial gas cleaning. Through its initiatives, IGCI has become an essential partner for governments and industries worldwide in promoting safe and sustainable management of atmospheric emissions.


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IGCI mostly used in an acronym Institutes in Category Governmental that means Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute

Shorthand: IGCI,
Full Form: Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute

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What Does IGCI Mean?

IGCI stands for Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute. It is a body of experts dedicated to developing strategies and technologies for cost-effective removal of hazardous industrial gases from the atmosphere. This includes development and promotion of specific methods related to treatment, recovery or destruction of industrial emissions such as hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).


The goals of IGCI are twofold: 1) To ensure that the public health is maximized by reducing atmospheric concentrations of hazardous substances; 2) To create economic benefits for both industry and society through improving air quality. As such, it works closely with governmental institutions, industry representatives and leading environmental experts in order to develop effective practices for reducing air pollution levels. The institute also focuses on research into new methods for efficient gas cleaning as well as providing significant support towards cleaner energy production processes.


The activities undertaken by the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute have immense benefit to human health and the environment. By curbing emissions from within industries that use heavy machinery or burn fuels, IGCI reduces indoor air pollutants such as particulate matter (PM10 & PM2.5) which can cause severe asthma attacks among sensitive individuals when inhaled in large doses over long periods of time. Additionally, cleaner energy production processes carried out under IGCI standards help reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are one of the primary causes behind global climate change and extreme weather events like storms and floods.

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What services does the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute provide?

The Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute (IGCI) provides training and certification programs for professionals in industrial gas cleaning and emission control. IGIC is dedicated to helping businesses reduce emissions through the implementation of comprehensive energy management systems. Additionally, IGCI works to protect public safety by encouraging the proper use of products and materials for industrial gas cleaning applications.

What type of certifications does the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute offer?

IGCI currently offers six certifications related to industrial gas cleaning, including Certified Industrial Ventilation Technician (CIVT), Certified Air Pollution Control Systems Technician (CAPST), Certified Combustion Systems Technician (CCST), Certified Carbon Monoxide Detection & Prevention Technician (CO-DETECT), Certified Energy Technology Specialist (ETS) and Certified Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC Technician (CIRHVAC).

How can I become certified through the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute?

In order to obtain any of the certifications offered by IGCI, you must complete a training program designed specifically for each certification, and then successfully pass an exam administered by IGCI. The exams are proctored and evaluated using advanced computer-based testing solutions. For more detailed information on becoming certified through IGCI, please visit their website at www.igci.org

Is there an application fee for certification with the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute?

Yes, there is a non-refundable application fee required when applying for any of the certifications offered by IGCI. This fee covers administrative costs associated with processing your application as well as any other expenses associated with your chosen program. For current pricing information, please visit www.igci.org/fees

Are there continuing education requirements for those who are certified through the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute?

Yes, it is required that all certified individuals maintain their knowledge base in industrialized gas cleaning technologies by completing at least 12 continuing education credits every two years from date certified or last renewed certification date in order to keep their certifications active with IGICi.

Does the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute accept transfer credits?

Yes, depending on your experience level and previous certifications held you may be eligible to receive transfer credits which can count towards your renewals or new certificates obtained through IGCI. Please contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] for further information about transfer credit options available.

Final Words:
In conclusion, the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute provides a valuable service to both industry professionals as well as citizens who suffer from poor air quality due to emission sources within their vicinity. Their efforts towards developing efficient techniques for removing harmful gases from our atmosphere contribute greatly towards improving public health while helping mitigate climate change caused by human activity.


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