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BRODA is an acronym standing for British Russian Offshore Development Agency. It is an international organisation that provides offshore development services to organisations and governments in the UK, Russia, and a number of other countries. BRODA was formed with the aim of utilising the technical capabilities and expertise of both the British and Russian software development industries while allowing companies and government agencies to access offshore resources in order to reduce costs.


BRODA meaning in Russian in International

BRODA mostly used in an acronym Russian in Category International that means British Russian Offshore Development Agency

Shorthand: BRODA,
Full Form: British Russian Offshore Development Agency

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History of BRODA

BRODA was founded in 1998 by a group of British and Russian entrepreneurs with the purpose of delivering offshore development services from low-cost locations. The organisation opened offices in Moscow, St Petersburg, London, and New York City. It has since grown to become one of the most successful providers of development services on a global scale.

The organisation's focus on providing innovative solutions from low-cost locations has enabled it to offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality or reliability. This approach has enabled organisations around the world to take advantage of cost savings while maintaining reliable access to high-quality solutions.

Services Provided By BRODA

BRODA offers a range of services designed to meet the needs of its customers, including custom software development, IT consulting, web application development, mobile app development, cloud computing solutions, big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, blockchain technology implementation, digital transformation initiatives, software testing & Q/A services as well as project management solutions among many others. The company also provides training courses for existing personnel so they can better understand new technologies that are being implemented within their organisations.

BRODA’s commitment towards providing quality results at competitive prices has made it one of the leading providers in its field; making it ideal for businesses around the world who are looking for reliable offshore solutions without compromising on quality or reliability.

Benefits Of Working With BRODA

Working with BRODA provides numerous advantages for businesses as compared to working with local IT service providers; such as cost savings in both time and money due to its reduced overhead costs & scalable rates & fees structure which enables customers to increase or decrease spending depending on their budget requirements without having any significant impact on service delivery quality; shorter delivery cycles due its large pool skilled technicians; increased security & transparency due its sophisticated remote infrastructure setup; proactive management involving regular reporting & communication across all projects; reliable customer support available 24X7 enabling customers to resolve any issues quickly & effectively leading up improved ROI (Return On Investment).

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Overall BRODA (British Russian Offshore Development Agency) is a truly international entity offering businesses around the world comprehensive and reliable offshore development solutions at competitive prices leveraging its technical capabilities from both Britain & Russia while allowing clients to reduce costs through effective use of remote resources available worldwide ultimately resulting in improved ROI (Return On Investment).


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