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The abbreviation OKNAB stands for Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers, a group of talented artisans from Oklahoma who specialize in the creation of beautiful and unique baskets. Using natural materials native to Oklahoma, these skilled artisans have been perfecting the craft of basket weaving for generations, creating stunning works of functional art that are sure to catch the eye. From classic Cherokee designs to modern interpretations, OKNAB's range of exquisite baskets is sure to impress any admirer.


ONAB meaning in Unclassified in Miscellaneous

ONAB mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers

Shorthand: ONAB,
Full Form: Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers

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The Group

OKNAB is made up of highly experienced basket makers from various Native American tribes across Oklahoma. This collective features some of the most talented and respected names in modern basket weaving, such as Choctaw artist Billie Mayfield-Gray and Creek/Cherokee artisan Judy Gray Deerinwater. The members of this brilliant group strive to keep their ancestral traditions alive while adapting them with a modern twist, creating stunning pieces that feature both classic and contemporary elements. As such, they are able to offer a wide variety of styles and designs that will satisfy any preference or taste.

Their Work

The work created by OKNAB is truly remarkable and stands out for its creative approach and intricate detail. From traditional Cherokee design techniques combined with more modern motifs, each piece exudes quality and uniqueness. Whether it's a large lidded storage basket or an intricately woven wall hanging piece, all items created by OKNAB boast impressive levels of craftsmanship and beauty. Additionally, OKNAB also specializes in educational workshops and presentations on the history and techniques behind basket weaving which makes them even more special as they continue to share their knowledge with others so they can appreciate it just as much as they do.

Essential Questions and Answers on Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers in "MISCELLANEOUS»UNFILED"

What is Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers?

Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers (ONAB) is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote and preserve the traditional craft of basket weaving among members of the various tribes of Oklahoma. The organization provides materials and educational resources for basket weaving and offers workshops, classes, and demonstrations throughout the year.

How long has ONAB been in existence?

ONAB was founded in 1975 as a way to bring together Native Americans from different tribes for cultural exchange and education. Since then, it has grown into an organization that supports both historic preservation and contemporary artistry within the Oklahoma Native American community.

What kinds of events does ONAB host?

ONAB hosts a variety of events including annual demonstrations, classes, workshops, cultural exchanges, festivals, rancherias, potlucks and powwows throughout the state. These events serve to connect people with each other while providing interactive learning experiences about basket weaving skills and cultural heritage.

What kind of projects/programs does ONAB offer?

ONAB offers a wide range of projects/programs like "Weaving With Youth," which provides youth with hands-on experience using traditional weaving techniques; "In Our Own Backyard," which offers outreach services at tribal sites; "Weaving Identity," allowing participants to explore how traditional weaving practices can be used as self-expression; and much more!

Is there an online presence for ONAB?

Yes! You can follow us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Youtube where we post updates about our upcoming events & share stories from people involved in our weaving communities. Additionally, you can visit the website - www.oknativebaskets.org - where you will find additional information about our organization & resources regarding basket weavings in Oklahoma.

Who is eligible to become a member of ONAB?

Anyone interested in Preservation or Promotion of basket weaving traditions within the Native American Communities of Oklahoma is welcome to join membership with Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers (ONAB). Members gain access to exclusive opportunities offered by organizations such as discounted supplies & services related to basketry as well discounts on selected items during ONAB events etc.

Where do I purchase supplies required for making baskets?

You can purchase supplies from ONAB's website itself or attend one their workshops or classes where suppliers will usually have stands selling their wares or you can even reach out to local artists who may be able to provide some items too!

Do I need prior knowledge or experience for participating in ONAB's Workshops/Classes etc.?

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary to participate in any ONAB activity - everyone is welcome regardless! Our workshops are beginner friendly & all materials needed will be provided so don't worry if you don't have any yet!

Final Words:
In conclusion, OKNAB is an incredible collective comprising some of the best experts in Native American basket weaving from across Oklahoma. Their work is renowned for its creativity as well as its attention to detail - ranging from traditional designs inspired from their ancestors combined with more contemporary motifs - making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for unique pieces that reflect both classic and modern aesthetics alike.


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