The Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles (ADMV) is a government agency responsible for the issuance and regulation of driver's licenses, registration of vehicles, and determination of vehicle registration fees.


ADMV meaning in Transportation in Governmental

ADMV mostly used in an acronym Transportation in Category Governmental that means Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles

Shorthand: ADMV,
Full Form: Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles

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What services does the ADMV provide?

The ADMV provides a variety of services related to motor vehicle safety such as issuing and renewal of driver's licenses, vehicle title and registration transactions, traffic violation payments and more.

How can I contact the ADMV?

Individuals can contact the ADMV by calling their toll free customer service number 1-800-251-5866 or visiting one of their many office locations throughout Arizona.

Does the ADMV offer online services?

Yes, the ADMV offers an online portal where individuals can self-serve by performing tasks such as vehicle title transfers, driver license issuance or renewals and other transactions that would otherwise require an in person visit to an agency office location

Final Words:
In summary, the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles (ADMV) offers numerous services related to motor vehicle safety including issuing driver's license and registering vehicles. Individuals needing assistance with these services can contact their customer service number or visit one of their many office locations or use their convenient online portal.


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