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The Welsh Resilience Forum (WRF) is a united group of individuals, organisations and institutions who have come together to help strengthen Wales’ resilience to disasters and threats. WRF members work together to raise public awareness of potential hazards, develop strategies for dealing with them, and ultimately make Wales better prepared to face any kind of emergency.


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Shorthand: WRF,
Full Form: Wales Resilience Forum

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What is WRF?

The Wales Resilience Forum (WRF) is a strategic partnership forum which works together to lead work that will protect, prepare and respond to emergencies and major incidents across Wales.

How does the WRF work?

The WRF brings together representatives from emergency services, local authorities, health boards, Government departments, utility companies and other partners. Working together they focus on planning for multi-agency responses to major incidents across Wales.

What kind of planning activities does the WRF do?

The WRF coordinate a range of activities including developing plans and strategies; sharing information on risks; ensuring operational assets are ready to respond; raising public awareness of issuesabout emergencies and disasters; and training staff in emergency response.

Who can join the WRF?

Any organisation or individual can join the Forum, as long as it meets the criteria set out by the Welsh Government in its definition of ‘emergency services’ or ‘utilities’.

Where is the WRF based?

The Forum meets at venues around Wales and is coordinated by the Welsh Government's Resilience Division based in Cardiff. The address is Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ.

Is there an online presence for WRF?

Yes! Connect with us on Twitter @WRforWales or follow our LinkedIn page ‘The Wales Resilience Forum’.

What has been some past successes for WRF?

In 2014, Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones praisedWRF on their previous 5 years of successful operations during flooding events inSouthWest Wales; since then they have gone on to train more than 7500 staff indomestic abuse responses.

What areas does WRF cover?

As a forum that covers all of Wales as part of its remit, it works closely with localauthorities who provide the team with expert local knowledge about each area inthe region.

Final Words:
The Welsh Resilience Forum (WRF) is an important organisation which helps to ensure Wales is better prepared when faced with any kind of emergency situation or threat. Its members provide essential advice on mitigating hazards and equip communities with the skills they need respond effectively in times of crisis. As long as WRF continues its important work in promoting community resilience throughout the country then we can look forward to Wales being better protected from future dangers.

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