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Festival Wirakarya Kampung Kelir (FWKK) is a popular annual event held in Indonesia, which serves to promote local culture and celebrate the community's art and talent. The festival is an excellent example of how people come together to support diversity and stimulate creativity.


FWKK meaning in Festivals in Community

FWKK mostly used in an acronym Festivals in Category Community that means Festival Wirakarya Kampung Kelir

Shorthand: FWKK,
Full Form: Festival Wirakarya Kampung Kelir

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What type of activities are included at FWKK?

FWKK includes a range of activities, such as traditional music, dance performances, art exhibitions, cooking competitions, storytelling sessions, and much more.

When does FWKK take place?

FWKK typically takes place in the summer months between June to August every year.

Who organizes FWKK?

FWKK is organized by a local committee made up of dedicated volunteers from Kampung Kelir village who dedicate their time and effort in making the event a success.

Is there an entry fee to attend the festival?

No, there is no entry fee for attending Festival Wirakarya Kampung Kelir. Everyone is welcome to join and enjoy the festivities for free.

How can I find out more information about FWKK?

You can visit the official website or follow their social media accounts for updates on upcoming events and other relevant information related to FWKK.

Final Words:
Festival Wirakarya Kampung Kelir (FWKK) is an amazing opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together and enjoy traditional Indonesian culture while celebrating art and creativity. With its diverse range of activities, free entry fee, and passionate organizers, FWKK provides an enjoyable experience that cannot be missed!


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