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APLMS stands for Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy. It is an ambitious initiative designed and implemented by the City of Adelaide for the planning, protection and management of the park lands in the centre of their city. This strategy covers a variety of aspects which includes nature conservation, recreation, environmental health, landscape design and much more.


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APLMS mostly used in an acronym Management in Category Business that means Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy

Shorthand: APLMS,
Full Form: Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy

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The main purpose of APLMS is to create a vibrant and sustainable green urban environment in the City of Adelaide through various initiatives taken by the local government. The objective is to protect, sustain and promote inclusive public use while managing public land. APLMS involves a range of activities such as community consultation, urban renewal projects, development controls and regulations among other things. It also helps to improve public access to recreational areas and safeguards heritage assets from threats posed by development activities.


APLMS helps to enhance social interaction within communities as well as promoting active participation from citizens in decision making regarding their parks and recreational areas. It assists in raising awareness about biodiversity preservation within the local area while encouraging public use as well as eco-friendly practices such as composting food waste or ‘no-mow’ zones. Furthermore, it helps to ensure better ecological functioning throughout parks and reserves while also providing a platform for education about natural resources management.

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What is the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy?

The Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy (APLMS) is a long-term plan for the sustainable management, conservation and development of open space in Greater Adelaide. The strategy provides an integrated multi-year approach to park lands management to ensure that they are well maintained and accessible to all users.

What does the APLMS involve?

The APLMS involves researching, developing and implementing priority projects to improve existing park lands infrastructure, providing protective strategies for threatened species, increasing access to recreational activities and developing new parks and open spaces throughout Greater Adelaide.

Who developed the APLMS?

The Department of Environment and Water in consultation with key stakeholders developed the APLMS. It has been designed in close cooperation with communities, local government bodies, landholders, heritage groups, researchers and non-government organisations.

What does APLMS seek to achieve?

The main objectives of the APLMS are to help protect natural resources; increase access and use of park lands; reduce weeds and pests; provide ecological corridors; conserve cultural places; create sustainable recreation opportunities; improve access to amenities; enhance visitor experiences; promote community health benefits through increased physical activity opportunities; maximise social benefit from parklands investments; minimise risks from hazardous substances or structures located within park lands; support biodiversity conservation whilst recognising Aboriginal, European-Australian & Torres Strait Islander cultures & values associated with traditional uses of land.

How does APLMS help conserve native wildlife?

APLMS helps conserve native wildlife by working with local governments on specific projects including habitat restoration plans such as roadside planting schemes which offer food sources for native birds as well as pest plant removal programmes which assist in protecting ecosystems required by endangered species living within Greater Adelaide.

Does APLMS provide recreational activities?

Yes, APLMS provides a range of recreational activities from walking trails to playgrounds suitable for families. It also encourages more people into nature by introducing adventure play spaces such as outdoor gyms for exercising outside.

Is there any other way to get involved besides participating in events organised by the strategy?

Yes! You can sign up for registered volunteer programs or join one of many collaborations that supports environmental sustainability initiatives around Greater Adelaide including Coast Park Volunteers Program or EcoCare Volunteers Program run under the umbrella of City Parks Services & Nature Play SA.

Does this strategy impact my daily life?

Absolutely! As this strategy works towards improving conservation efforts it will also make our day-to-day living environment cleaner and healthier allowing us all enjoy greater quality life through improved air quality or cooler temperatures due shade provided by trees planted across urban areas.

How can I find out more information about this strategy?

All information regarding this strategy you will be able to find on Department of Environment Water website https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/adelaideparklandsstrategy - there is overview available containing data about history behind this project along with FAQ page where you will be able answer remaining questions about its implementation.

Final Words:
In conclusion, APLMS provides several benefits which help to ensure that people have access to natural green spaces within their cities by creating attractive outdoor options for them with minimal disruption caused by developments. As such, this program serves as an important step towards environmental conservation efforts worldwide whilst at the same time providing an avenue for enhancing human interaction with nature.


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