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Defense Equal Opportunity Management (DEOM) is a comprehensive program dedicated to creating and maintaining fair and equitable treatment of all persons in the Department of Defense (DoD). The DEOM focuses on recognizing individual rights, understanding the diverse needs of the DoD workforce and promoting healthy work relationships among all personnel.


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DEOM mostly used in an acronym Management in Category Business that means Defense Equal Opportunity Management

Shorthand: DEOM,
Full Form: Defense Equal Opportunity Management

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What does DEOM stand for?

DEOM stands for Defense Equal Opportunity Management.

What does the DEOM mission include?

The mission of the DEOM includes providing quality equal opportunity services to all military personnel and their families; eliminating bias-based behaviors within DoD; developing effective policies, procedures and regulations to protect legitimate diversity practices; and helping facilitate positive communication.

How does DEOM promote equal opportunity in the workplace?

Through a variety of programs and activities, DEOM helps foster an environment where all DoD personnel can reach their highest potential, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or sexual orientation. The program provides educational resources on topics such as diversity awareness training, cultural competency, harassment prevention and unlawful discrimination prevention.

How do I file a complaint with DOD's Equal Opportunity Office?

Individuals who feel they have experienced discrimination should contact their local EO representative or call 1-800-336-4590. Complaints may also be filed online at https://www.dodig.mil/FOIA/EO/.

Who is responsible for implementing equality initiatives in DoD?

The Deputy Secretary of Defense has overall responsibility for overall policy direction on matters related to equal opportunity within DoD, while the Director for Defense Equal Opportunity Policy is charged with developing policy guidance as well as providing staff oversight on EO initiatives within DoD.

Final Words:
By ensuring fairness in every aspect of its operations through its comprehensive initiative Defense Equal Opportunity Management (DEOM), the DoD is taking concrete steps towards promoting an inclusive workplace that provides equitable opportunities for all members of its workforce regardless of gender identity or background.


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