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Solving Kids Cancer (SKC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising critical funds and awareness for childhood cancer research. SKC works closely with leading researchers and clinicians to identify new treatments and make them available to children everywhere.


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SKC mostly used in an acronym Cancer in Category Medical that means Solving Kids Cancer

Shorthand: SKC,
Full Form: Solving Kids Cancer

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What kind of research does SKC fund?

SKC funds innovative, clinical trials for neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancers. This includes clinical trials for precision medicine that match therapies to an individual child's unique genomic profile, as well as advanced therapy approaches such as Immunotherapy and CAR T-Cell Therapy.

Who does SKC work with?

SKC works closely with leading independent hospitals, universities, research institutions and industry partners in order to develop cutting-edge treatments for kids fighting cancer. This collaborative approach brings together expertise, resources and knowledge from all these sectors to make sure no breakthroughs are missed in the battle against childhood cancer.

How can I help support the cause?

There are many ways you can get involved with SKC's mission. Consider making a donation or join a local fundraising event where you live. You can also spread the word about SKC's mission by sharing your passion on social media or talking to your friends and family about why it matters so much to find effective treatments for young cancer patients.

What other services does SKC provide?

Alongside their work in finding new treatments for kids fighting cancer, SKC also provides financial assistance and emotional support for families affected by the disease, helping them navigate through the challenging time of illness and beyond. The organization offers resources such as grant awards and counseling referrals that help families meet their financial needs as well as cope emotionally with the experience of dealing with childhood cancer.

Final Words:
With its commitment to innovation in treating pediatric cancer patients, Solving Kids Cancer (SKC) is making great strides towards advancing treatment options - potentially even cures - for childhood cancers worldwide. By collaborating closely with physicians, researchers, industry partners, nonprofits and other stakeholders in the fight against pediatric cancers, they are working hard to bring hope back into children's lives that were affected by this horrible disease.

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