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APJ stands for Africa Policy Journal, an online source of valuable policy and research insights. This publication is a valuable resource for both researchers and students interested in the African continent. It provides essential information on political, economic, and social policies in the region - covering both current issues and long-term trends. APJ also provides resources related to international development initiatives in Africa.


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APJ mostly used in an acronym Journals in Category Miscellaneous that means Africa Policy Journal

Shorthand: APJ,
Full Form: Africa Policy Journal

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The Africa Policy Journal (APJ) is a scholarly publication intended to provide up-to-date analysis of issues affecting the African continent. The journal is published through the Center for Global Development at Georgetown University. It focuses on all aspects of politics, economics, and social policy that have an impact on African countries. Featured topics range from trade and aid to refugee movements, redistribution of wealth, energy security, gender inequality, health systems reform, environmental protection measures, financial sector regulation and more. The journal also addresses historical trends such as colonialism and postcolonialism which have shaped policy in African countries. In addition to providing research-based insights from academics around the world, APJ aims to foster dialogue between those working in government or civil society as well as those with personal experience living in various African countries. Each issue contains articles written by experts on specific topics as well as coverage of relevant events around the world that will help inform readers’ understanding of current affairs. Readers can also access digital copies of past issues online for free.

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What is Africa Policy Journal?

Africa Policy Journal (APJ) is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes scholarly, research-based articles on African issues. It disseminates knowledge about developments in Africa to create an open dialogue and engage in a critical discourse. APJ also encourages submissions from the general public to ensure open access to information about African policy and development.

Who publishes Africa Policy Journal?

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) publishes the Africa Policy Journal. IISS is a global think tank that provides analysis and insights on international security and political risk.

What kind of articles does Africa Policy Journal feature?

APJ primarily features peer-reviewed manuscripts written by experts in all fields with relevance to African policy and development topics. These include, but are not limited to, education, health, economics, environment, government and legal practices, human rights, among others.

How often does Africa Policy Journal publish?

APJ is published bi-annually and addresses emerging issues in the continent through each new issue.

Is there any cost associated with accessing content from Africa Policy Journal?

No. All content published in the journal is freely available to readers online at no cost.

How can I submit my paper or article for consideration for publishing in the journal?

Authors interested in submitting manuscripts to APJ can do so via our online submission form found on our website or through email using the contact details provided therein. Please note that only original works will be considered for publication; submissions must not have been previously published elsewhere.

Who can submit articles for publication in APJ?

Scholars from all disciplines who are researching issues relevant to African affairs are invited to make a submission for consideration of publication in APJ. Additionally, we also welcome contributions from creative writers such as poets and journalists as well as civil society organisations working on issues related to African development.

Does Africa Policy Journal accept book reviews as submissions?

Yes! We highly encourage authors considering writing a book review or other commentaries related to current African affairs should consult our submission guidelines before sending their work as it needs to meet certain editorial standards before being accepted into publication.

Final Words:
The Africa Policy Journal is an invaluable resource providing detailed insight into the complexities of politics, economics, and social issues across the African continent. This publication helps deepen our understanding of these issues while also highlighting potential solutions that can be implemented today. By bringing together both scholars and people with hands-on experience working in or living within these nations APJ encourages learning from each other's perspectives so that we can work towards building fairer societies across African countries together.

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