What does AASM mean in AFRICAN

AASM stands for African American Shopping Mall and is a platform where consumers can purchase products from African-American businesses. It seeks to provide an avenue for Black entrepreneurs to showcase their goods and services, while also establishing a hub of economic empowerment for African-American communities.


AASM meaning in African in Regional

AASM mostly used in an acronym African in Category Regional that means African American Shopping Mall

Shorthand: AASM,
Full Form: African American Shopping Mall

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What kind of products are available through AASM?

AASM offers a wide variety of products including clothing, home décor, health and beauty items, books, food products and more. All of the items sold on AASM are sourced from Black owned businesses.

How do I purchase something from the AASM website?

Customers can browse through the different categories listed on AASM to find the product they're interested in. Once you've selected an item, you'll be prompted to complete your purchase by following the simple checkout process.

Does AASM have any special promotions or discounts?

Yes! AASM often runs special promotions and discounts throughout the year. You can keep up with these deals via their newsletter as well as their social media pages.

Is shipping free with orders placed through AASM?

Yes! All orders placed through AASM qualify for free standard shipping across the US.

Is there a way to support struggling Black owned businesses while shopping through AASM?

Yes! With every purchase made through AASM, 10% of proceeds go towards support small business grants that help fund Black entrepreneurs in need.

Final Words:
By utilizing the platform that is African American Shopping Mall (AASM), consumers have an opportunity to invest in Black owned businesses while also supporting a larger cause that is centered around economic empowerment for African-American communities. With deals, promotions, and generous free shipping policies - there's no better way to show your financial support for Black excellence than shopping with AASM!

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