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The Ballard Open Space Plan (BOSP) is a long-term plan for the development and preservation of open spaces in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. The plan was designed to protect existing green spaces and promote the growth of new green space initiatives.


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Shorthand: BOSP,
Full Form: Ballard Open Space Plan

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What is the Ballard Open Space Plan?

The Ballard Open Space Plan (BOSP) is a long-term plan for the development and preservation of open spaces in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard.

What are some goals of the BOSP?

The goals of BOSP include preserving existing green spaces, improving access to existing open areas, increasing recreational opportunities, promoting environmental sustainability, and creating habitats for wildlife.

Who developed the BOSP?

The BOSP was created through an ongoing collaborative effort between local stakeholders, non-profit organizations, government agencies, businesses and community members.

How is open space protected under the BOSP?

Under the BOSP, open space is protected through land acquisition and conservation easements, as well as public education on stewardship and habitat protection. Additionally, land management strategies are used to ensure that any development that takes place within an open area is done responsibly and without compromising its natural beauty.

How can I get involved with supporting the plan?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with supporting the BOSP including volunteering for clean up projects or events related to open space protection; participating in public meetings or providing written comments on proposed rules; donating funds or items such as equipment; and becoming involved in your local community group related to protecting or enhancing open spaces in your area.

Final Words:
The Ballard Open Space Plan provides an opportunity for individuals at all levels to contribute to efforts that ensure our green spaces remain available for future generations to enjoy. With continued support from both local residents and stakeholders, this plan has great potential to preserve one of Seattle's most precious resources - its natural beauty.

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