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AOR is an acronym for Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment. It refers to activities in military, naval or air forces that involve the replenishment of ships and aircrafts with fuel or other supplies. AOR can also refer to the ships or vessels used for this task. AOR operations are necessary to maintain the efficiency of any armed force, and allow them to stay on mission without having to stop for refueling or resupply.


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AOR mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment

Shorthand: AOR,
Full Form: Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment

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Auxiliary oiler replenishment (AOR) is an operation which supports the supply chain of a military force by ensuring continuous replenishment of fuel, ammunition, food and other essential items while its assets are either at sea or on land. The process involves transporting goods from one location to another using seagoing vessels called AORs which can transfer these items quickly while underway. This ensures that armed forces stay on mission without having to pause to restock their resources.

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What is Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment?

Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) is a type of naval logistics service that provides fuel, provisions, ammunition, spare parts and other supplies to warships on the move. It is typically done during complex naval operations where a ship may not be able to visit a port for replenishment.

What types of vessels are used in AOR?

AOR operations usually require a special class of large naval resupply vessels such as Fleet Oilers, Supply Ships and Replenishment Oceangoing Tugs.

What is the difference between an AOR vessel and other auxiliary ships?

Unlike other auxiliary ships, AOR vessels are specifically designed for supply at sea. They have specific features such as replenishment rigs and stern ramps for transferring fuel and cargo to warships.

How often do AOR vessels carry out their mission?

The frequency of AOR missions depends on the deployment schedule of individual ships, but they can be performed on an ongoing basis or during specific operations.

Who is responsible for AOR missions?

All navies have dedicated personnel responsible for carrying out sufficient levels of AOR for their fleet’s operational needs.

Are auxiliaries allowed to assist with replenishment operations?

Yes. Non-combatants such as tugs, barges or research vessels are also allowed to participate in replenishment operations provided they have been equipped with the necessary equipment and undergone special training.

Where does the exchange happen during an AOR mission?

Cargo exchanges typically occur approximately 500 yards away from the intended recipient vessel when possible so as to ensure safety of both parties involved in the operation.

How do you ensure safety during an AOR mission?

Careful coordination between all parties involved in an AOR mission is necessary to ensure safety at all times. This includes communication between ships regarding speed and heading; proper visual signaling; and contingency plans should any unforeseen circumstances take place.

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In summary, auxiliary oiler replenishment (AOR) is a supply-chain activity involving the transportation of essential items such as fuel, ammunition and food using special vessels called AORs while assets such as ships and airplanes are either underway at sea or stationed in specified locations on land. The support provided through these activities allows armed forces to remain effective in their mission without having to pause for resupplies every now and then.

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