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ASI, or Action Shooting International, is a sport that combines shooting with physical maneuvering and tactical decisions. It provides a thrilling and unique experience for shooters of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. ASI is an official International Defense Pistol Association (IDPA) discipline that challenges competitors to demonstrate their speed, accuracy and determination while competing on dynamic ranges. This article will explain the rules and regulations of ASI competitions, as well as provide an introduction to the sport’s history and its growing popularity in the shooting community


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ASI mostly used in an acronym Shooting in Category Sports that means Action Shooting International

Shorthand: ASI,
Full Form: Action Shooting International

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What is Action Shooting International (ASI)?

Action Shooting International (ASI) is a sport shooting organization that promotes, governs and produces firearm competitions in various disciplines like Tactical Optic, Production, Carry Optics and PCC. ASI organizes competitive events where shooters use approved firearms, sights and targets to compete against each other for bragging rights and prizes.

Who can participate in ASI competitions?

Anyone who meets the safety requirements and membership criteria set forth by ASI can take part in their competitive events. All participants must be members of ASI prior to competing in any event.

What are the different firearm disciplines featured on an ASI event?

The major firearm disciplines featured on an ASI event include Tactical Optic, Production, Carry Optics and PCC. Other supporting matches may also feature on any given event day.

Are non-firearm shooters allowed at an ASI competition?

Yes - Non-firearm shooters are allowed to observe or participate as Stage Marshals or scorekeepers at an ASI competition. Spectator areas may also be provided depending on the event location or range facility policies.

What safety measures does ASI require for competitors?

To ensure a safe environment for all competitors, range officers will follow strictly enforced safety protocols which include but not limited to trigger finger discipline, no loaded firearms outside of designated firing areas and muzzle discipline whenever possible. All competitors must sign safety waivers prior to taking part in any competition.

Does participating in an ASI competition requires special preparation?

Competitors should read the rules before taking part in any match or stage they plan to compete in so that they can make adequate preparations which may include bringing appropriate firearm equipment such as magazine carriers, holsters and other items necessary for their performance during the stages of a match.

What type of apparel do I need to wear while competing?

Shooters must wear closed-toe shoes such as sneakers when competing at an ASI match along with clothing that covers their arms from wrist to elbow while shooting. Pants should cover from mid-calf down to ankle area for applicable divisions like Open Division using knee pads/knee covers or similar leg covering garments such as gaiters instead of trousers/pants above mid-calf area is allowed per current rulebook.

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