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The Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) is a collaborative body, often established by governmental or other larger organizational bodies, to provide additional intelligence and feedback about an organization's efforts in the community. CABs are generally composed of local individuals with varying backgrounds who can offer a variety of perspectives that may not be available decision makers within the organization itself.


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CAB mostly used in an acronym Advisory in Category Business that means Citizens Advisory Board

Shorthand: CAB,
Full Form: Citizens Advisory Board

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Who generally makes up a CAB?

A CAB is typically composed of local citizens that bring different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to the table.

What role does a CAB typically play?

Generally, the purpose of a CAB is to provide an outside view of the work an organization is doing for their community and offer ways for improvement and/or guidance on particular issues.

How often do members of the CAB meet?

Depending on the goals and format of each particular Citizens Advisory Board, meetings may vary from once every few months up to weekly or more frequent gatherings.

Are members of the CAB compensated for their involvement?

In many cases, members may receive some form of compensation depending on their local government or agency guidelines. It is important to check with your specific CAB as each one will have its own rules related to member reimbursements.

Final Words:
The Citizen Advisory Board plays an essential role in helping organizations better understand how they can deliver services and solutions that effectively meet the needs of their communities they serve. By having a cross-section of people from various walks of life working together towards common goals increases both transparency and trust in such organizations and ultimately results in better outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

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