The Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation (AAAASF) provides opportunities for Army Aviators and their families to pursue educational goals through awarding scholarships. These awards are intended to support the academic and professional aspirations of applicants in all branches of the military, particularly those interested in aviation-related fields. AAAASF works with military personnel, veterans and their families to identify candidates and promote the potential of service members to achieve success in civilian life after a tour of duty is completed.


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Full Form: Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation

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AAAASF stands for the Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation. The organization is dedicated to helping military personnel, veterans and their families continue their education pursuits beyond active duty by providing financial assistance through scholarships. The scholarship foundation exists to aid individuals who wish to fulfill career goals within the aviation industry as well as other related areas such as engineering, science, medicine, law enforcement and teaching.


The purpose of AAAASF is twofold; firstly they provide scholarships that are specifically designed for those actively serving in the military or veterans looking to pursue an education related to aviation or other disciplines. Secondly, AAAASF aims to promote career development opportunities for disabled veterans or members either recovering from an injury or illness sustained during active duty. In this way, they strive to recognize the hard work and dedication given by our servicemen and women both during and after their service in defense of our country.

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What is the Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation (AAAA SF)?

The AAAA Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to students pursuing a career in army aviation. We award scholarships on an annual basis, to qualified individuals that demonstrate academic excellence and an ambition to enter into a career within the Army Aviation field.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Individuals who are enrolled or accepted into accredited higher education institutions that offer traditional degree programs, technical certifications, flight training and other associated aviation programs can apply for the Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation (AAAA SF).

How much money does the AAAA SF grant?

Each scholarship awarded by the AAAA Scholarship Foundation grants up to $5,000 towards tuition costs or educational expenses.

What documents are required in order to apply?

To apply for an AAAA SF scholarship you must submit transcripts from your current institution as well as recommendation letters from two educators or mentors. In addition, you must fill out our online application form which will include your contact information, answers to various questions about your goals and aspirations within army aviation, and any awards or honors previously received.

When can I submit my application?

Applications for the AAAA Scholarship Foundation are accepted annually from January through March. The exact deadline date will be posted on our website and we encourage all interested applicants to submit their applications before this deadline.

How will I know if I am selected as a scholarship recipient?

All applicants will receive notice of their status approximately six weeks after the submission deadline has closed via email. If you are selected as a scholarship recipient you will also be notified by mail with details regarding how to accept your award or address any additional requirements needed in order for you to receive your funds.

Is there an academic requirement for applying an AAAA SF scholarship?

Yes, all applicants must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in order to be eligible for a AAAA Scholarship Grant.

Are there any other requirements besides academics that need to be met when applying for the grant?

Yes - all applicants must show proof of United States citizenship and proof of active participation in extracurricular activities such as sports teams, student government organizations etc., that showcase teamwork skills and/or leadership qualities. These documents need to be uploaded along with the application form before it is submitted.

Is financial need considered when reviewing applications?

Financial need is not taken into consideration when evaluating potential recipients; however we do require documentation of income in order for us to qualify applicants who may have limited resources available but still possess outstanding academic ability and desire to pursue a career in army aviation.

Final Words:
AAAASF is an invaluable organization dedicated to providing both financial support as well as career guidance for members of the armed forces either currently enlisted or retired from service. Through these initiatives, they help ensure that our servicemen and women have access to educational resources necessary for leading fulfilling lives after transitioning back into civilian life whether it be through pursuing degrees related to aviation or other disciplines entirely.


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