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The All American Amateur Baseball Association (AAABA) is a historic amateur baseball organization that has been around since the late 1940s, providing an opportunity for players from diverse backgrounds and countries to play competitively in the United States. Founded in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the AAABA is one of the longest-running amateur athletic organizations. The AAABA season runs from May through August, each year crowning an individual champion team at their annual tournament held in Johnstown each summer.


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The All American Amateur Baseball Association was initially founded in 1948 as the Keystone State Amateur Baseball Association. The organization was created by four central Pennsylvania teams to provide competition for teams from all over the state who wanted to participate in high-caliber games without forfeiting their amateur status. By 1966, with its membership having grown to 15 teams, the association changed its name to All American Amateur Baseball Association and expanded its reach beyond Pennsylvania's borders. Since then, it has become a nationwide organization with more than 50 teams competing each summer throughout the USA and Canada.

Tournament Format

Each year's season culminates in an annual tournament which determines that year's champion team. The tournament consists of five rounds - three qualifying rounds (a double elimination format), a semifinal round, and final championship game - culminating in a single elimination tournament where only one team will be crowned champion of that year's tournament. With such fierce competition for championship title every summer, it's no wonder why generations of players have been attracted to this prestigious organization!

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What is the All American Amateur Baseball Association?

The All American Amateur Baseball Association is a non-profit amateur baseball organization that was founded in 1935 to provide amateur baseball players with a chance to play as professionals. The AAABA consists of teams from all over the United States, and helps organize regional and national tournaments for amateur baseball.

Who participates in the AAABA?

Participants in the AAABA include local organizations, school-sponsored programs, and volunteers from around the United States who have a passion for playing Amateur Baseball.

How can I join the AAABA?

You can join the AAABA by visiting their website at https://www.aaaba.org/join/ and registering as a member. Once you become a member, you will be able to apply to participate in one of their tournaments or leagues.

When does the season for playing Amateur Baseball begin?

The season for playing Amateur Baseball typically starts in late March or April and continues through September depending on weather conditions in each region.

Where do the tournaments take place?

Tournaments take place throughout different regions of the United States with most taking place during summer months such as June and July.

Are there any age requirements for participating in AAABA tournaments?

Yes, all participants must be at least 18 years old before they are eligible to compete in any tournament put on by the All American Amateur Baseball Association.

How long do tournament games usually last?

Tournament games typically run between seven to nine innings long depending on what type of tournament is being played (single elimination or double elimination). There are also some tournaments that require teams to play extra innings if no winner is declared after nine innings have been completed.

Is there any equipment needed for playing Amateur Baseball?

Yes, players will need to bring their own baseball glove, bat, helmet, and cleats for each game that they participate in during an AAABA tournament or league game. It's also recommended that every player wear some form of protective gear such as a face shield or batting gloves while they are playing so they don't get injured while on the field.

Is there an admission fee necessary to attend an AAABA event?

No, admission fees are not required to attend any of the events hosted by the All American Amateur Baseball Association; however donations are accepted at most locations around where these tournaments take place. Also remember that these events help generate revenue for local businesses that host these events so if you want your money going towards supporting these businesses then feel free to donate whatever amount you can when attending an event!

Final Words:
For more than 70 years now, the AAABA has stood as a testament to competitive amateur baseball in the United States and Canada. In addition to providing top-level baseball competition opportunities for amateurs across North America, it also serves as an example of how sportsmanship truly can make a difference — that playing fair is essential even when the stakes are high. To this day, the AAABA continues to bring together passionate players from all walks of life for unforgettable experiences on and off the diamond!

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