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The Arizona Asian American Bar Association (AAABA) is a professional association of attorneys and legal professionals dedicated to advocating for the legal rights of Asian Americans in Arizona. Founded in 1985, AAABA works to promote diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, provide resources for its members, and enhance justice in the Asian American community. AAABA is the only statewide organization of its kind in Arizona and serves as a voice for Asian American lawyers throughout the state.


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AAABA mostly used in an acronym Associations in Category Community that means Arizona Asian American Bar Association

Shorthand: AAABA,
Full Form: Arizona Asian American Bar Association

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What AAABA stands for

AAABA stands for Arizona Asian American Bar Association. The organization was founded to advocate for Asian Americans’ access to and involvement in the legal community, while also providing support and resources to those interested in pursuing a career in law. Members of AAABA recognize the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion on all levels within the legal profession, with an emphasis on ensuring fair representation and access to meaningful opportunities both inside and outside of the courtroom.

What Does AAABA Do?

AAABA provides a wide range of services to its members such as educational programs, networking events, mentorship opportunities, and other activities that foster professional development. Additionally, they offer valuable resources such as guidance on subjects like civil rights issues or career counseling. By actively engaging its members through these activities, AAABA seeks to shape future generations of diverse lawyers who can better serve their communities back home.

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What is the Arizona Asian American Bar Association (AAAABA)?

The Arizona Asian American Bar Association (AAAABA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in the legal profession. It provides educational, networking, and leadership opportunities for those of Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian or Middle Eastern descent and also provides pro-bono legal services to the underserved community.

Who can join AAAABA?

AAAABA membership is open to anyone interested in advocating for diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. This includes attorneys and law students who identify as Asian/Pacific Islander/South Asian/Middle Eastern; bar associations; corporate counsels; government attorneys and more.

What types of activities does AAAABA provide?

AAAABA offers a wide range of professional development activities that are designed to support its members as well as advance inclusion within the legal field. These activities include monthly programs, volunteer opportunities, mentoring initiatives, networking events, job postings and more.

How can I get involved with AAAABA?

There are many ways to get involved with AAAABA! You can join our organization by becoming a member. You can also participate in one of our many events or volunteer your time to help out with a project or initiative. We welcome all forms of involvement!

When does AAAABA have their annual conference?

The annual conference is usually held in September every year in Phoenix, Arizona.

Where do I find out more information about AAAABAs events?

The best way to stay updated on AAAABAs upcoming events is by subscribing to our mailing list on our website or following us on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Does AAAABAs offer scholarships for law students?

Yes! We currently offer two scholarships each year prior to the start of the fall semester—the Veronica Hill Memorial Scholarship for current law students who have achieved academic excellence at an accredited Arizona Law School; and the Future Leaders Scholarship for incoming law school students who demonstrate financial need and leadership potential within their communities. More information about these scholarship opportunities can be found on our website.

What resources are available through AAAABAs website?

Our website features a variety of resources that may be helpful for members including job postings, contact information for local bar associations across Arizona, pro bono opportunities, mentorships programs and much more!

Final Words:
AAABA has become an invaluable part of Arizona's legal landscape since it was formed 35 years ago. From fighting discrimination against Asian Americans in courtrooms across the state to providing guidance through mentorship programs – this organization's dedication makes sure each individual has equal access to justice no matter their background or identity. By constantly striving towards fairness and understanding within the legal system, AAABA embodies what it means to be an effective advocate for change.


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