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The acronym AAAC stands for AutoAuction.com, Inc., an online platform that provides a unique and secure marketplace for buyers and sellers of used or repossessed vehicles. AAAC is based out of Maryland in the United States and was founded in 1994. It specializes in providing customers with access to thousands of cars from a wide variety of manufacturers, models, and makes. With its broad platform, members can quickly locate vehicles that meet their needs for both pricing and functionality.


AAAC meaning in NASDAQ Symbols in Business

AAAC mostly used in an acronym NASDAQ Symbols in Category Business that means AutoAuction.com, Inc.

Shorthand: AAAC,
Full Form: AutoAuction.com, Inc.

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What It Does

AutoAuction.com, Inc. offers its customers a comprehensive service package comprising of an online auction where users can locate quality used cars at unbeatable prices plus provide advice on how to get the best out of any purchase they make through the website. Customers can also benefit from the company’s professional auction services which include vehicle valuation, authentication, quality assurance, delivery assistance, transportation and export services as well as after-sales support such as warranty protection plans and financial aid programs. All of these features combine to provide customers with complete peace-of-mind when it comes to purchasing used or repossessed vehicles through AAAC's platform.


AAAC provides numerous advantages over traditional car auctions by eliminating many of the associated risks such as language barriers, lack of post-transaction customer service or follow up support etc. Furthermore, its unique understanding about customer requirements enables them to assist customers in making informed decisions while ensuring all purchases are authentic and come with full customer protection under their warranty program. The company also offers 24/7 customer support which helps resolve any queries regarding any issues encountered during the purchasing process or post transaction period with ease and efficiency. In addition, AAAC's secure payment platform ensures transactions are carried out safely without any fear of fraud or cybercrime.

Essential Questions and Answers on AutoAuction.com, Inc. in "BUSINESS»NASDAQ"

What is AutoAuction.com, Inc.?

AutoAuction.com, Inc. is an online platform that facilitates the buying and selling of used vehicles. We make it easy for buyers to find cars at great prices and for sellers to list their cars and get top dollar.

How can I buy a car through AutoAuction.com, Inc.?

You can browse our selection of vehicles and bid in real-time as auctions occur or you can purchase the vehicle outright with the "Buy Now" feature if you're looking to buy right away without bidding.

How much does it cost to buy a car on AutoAuction.com, Inc.?

The cost depends on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing as well as any applicable taxes or fees associated with the sale. You may also incur additional charges for delivery or registration after purchase.

Is there a warranty when I buy a car on AutoAuction.com, Inc.?

We do not offer any warranty on vehicles purchased through our website but some of our sellers may offer limited warranties which are usually stated in their description of the vehicle or in their listing terms prior to making your purchase.

How can I sell my car on AutoAuction.com, Inc.?

You can easily create a listing to sell your car by using our easy-to-use Listing Creation Tool which will guide you through all of the steps necessary to successfully create your vehicle listing on our website.

What types of payment methods are accepted on AutoAuction.com, Inc?

We accept payments via PayPal and major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and more!

Are there any restrictions when buying or selling cars on AutoAuction.com?

Yes – we have certain restrictions in place for both buyers and sellers such as age requirements for buyers (18+) and prohibitions against selling stolen goods or vehicles with open liens/loans (for sellers). Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page for details about these restrictions before making your purchase or placing a listing with us!

Does Auto Auction provide financing options?

No – while we facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers we do not offer financing options directly from us at this time.

What is the process for returning an item bought from Auto Auction?

Buyers and Sellers are solely responsible for arranging returns; no returns will be accepted without prior approval from both parties involved in a transaction.

Final Words:
In summary, AutoAuction.com Inc., better known by its acronym AAAC is a highly reliable online platform dedicated to providing quality vehicles at competitive prices to buyers worldwide which is backed by comprehensive pre-and post sale services along with 24/7 customer assistance for added convenience. With its reliable marketplace technology AAAC has become one of the most trusted sources for locating quality used cars quickly and securely without any hassle or risk associated with traditional car auctions.

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