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The Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC) is an organization based in North Carolina devoted to supporting and growing the arts community. They provide resources, programs, and advocacy for artists, art organizations, and community members who wish to elevate their creative endeavors. AAAC is a trusted source of information for those looking to connect with art events and activities in the region or discover ways to get involved in the thriving local creative scene.


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AAAC mostly used in an acronym Performing Arts in Category Community that means Asheville Area Arts Council

Shorthand: AAAC,
Full Form: Asheville Area Arts Council

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What Does AAAC Mean?

Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1976 that brings together artists, cultural organizations, and citizens who reside in the Asheville region of Western North Carolina. Their mission is to enrich lives through support and promotion of visual arts, performing arts, creative writing, crafts/artisan trades, music, dance and cross-cultural events encouraging collaboration within the Greater Asheville metropolitan area. The AAAC serves as a unified voice for all arts stakeholders by offering programming in advocacy; learning; profession development; and providing resources and support such as event calendars; grant awards; networking opportunities; public art projects; professional advice; artist residencies; performance support initiatives.

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What services does the Asheville Area Arts Council provide?

The Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC) supports and champions the vital role of the arts in our community by providing access to resources, leveraging collaborations, advocating for policies that support the arts, and fostering an environment in which individual expression and creative excellence are valued.

How can I get involved with the AAAC?

Membership is open to individuals, small businesses, and organizations that have a mission related to the arts. As a member of AAAC, you will join a network of over 300 artist members, engage in ongoing professional development with monthly workshops and free classes; advocacy campaigns; networking events; project opportunities; communications support —and much more! Visit our website for more information on our membership!

Does AAAC offer programs for youth?

Absolutely! AAAC offers several programs specifically designed to empower young creative minds including Teen Studio Artist Apprenticeships, youth photography classes and after-school art enrichment programs. Visit our website to learn more about these exciting initiatives!

Is scholarship available for kids who would like to pursue artistic and cultural education?

Yes! Through our Artist Access Scholarship program we provide funds for individuals seeking monetary assistance toward participating in artistic or cultural educational activities or classes offered by diverse qualified teachers throughout the region. Visit our website for more information about eligibility requirements.

Are there any upcoming events hosted by AAAC?

Absolutely! We host a variety of workshops, performances, conferences, mixers & happy hours throughout the year. Our community calendar is regularly updated with all current events - please visit it to stay up-to-date on everything happening at AAAC.

What other resources does AAAC offer members?

Alongside monthly workshops and free classes geared toward professional development for artist members, we have free Wi-Fi hubs located at various locations around Asheville as well as library access available at each location. Additionally we have grant writing assistance available through consultations with a dedicated grants manager.

How can I become an artist member of AAAC?

To become an artist member of AAAC you must first submit a completed Membership Application along with 3 samples of your work (if applicable). Once your application has been received we will review it and get back to you promptly if accepted.

Does my artist membership renew each year?

Yes. Your artist membership will automatically renew each year based on when you last joined or renewed your membership.

How can I make donations to support local artists through AAAC?

Donations towards specific projects are greatly appreciated and help fund many key initiatives such as Teen Studio Artist Apprenticeships which keep inspiring young creatives engaged in fine arts education. You may make donations online via our website or by check via mail.

Final Words:
Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC) serves as a crucial link between stakeholders from diverse backgrounds who strive build communities through artistic expression. This organization has been fundamental in creating greater access to meaningful arts programming for all residents of the Greater Asheville region - from school-aged children to mature adults. Their commitment to unleashing creativity also inspires our society as a whole because it provides equal opportunity for everyone to be recognized and appreciated for their contributions made within any type of arts field. In conclusion, no matter where you come from or what you do artistically speaking, AAAC unites us all with one thing—our passion for creativity!

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