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The AHANA Alumni Advisory Council (AAAC) is a group of Boston College alumni that works to strengthen the connection between the University and its African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Native American alumni. The AAAC serves as a liaison between the Office of AHANA Alumni Programs, other university offices and alumni groups.


AAAC meaning in Council in Governmental

AAAC mostly used in an acronym Council in Category Governmental that means AHANA Alumni Advisory Council

Shorthand: AAAC,
Full Form: AHANA Alumni Advisory Council

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What is the AAAC?

The AAAC is the African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and Native American Alumni Advisory Council at Boston College. It is a group of BC alumni that works to promote engagement and communication between BC's diverse alumni population and the University administration.

How does the AAAC function?

The AAAC acts as a bridge between various university offices, including the Office of AHANA Alumni Programs, and diverse BC alumni groups. It collaborates with stakeholders in order to offer programs, resources or services for BC's AHANA alumni community.

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