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The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) is a national association that serves professionals who are committed to advancing high-quality learning and educational opportunities for adults, particularly those with limited access. Through its network of affiliates, partners, and members, AAACE works to promote lifelong learning and the development of leaders in the adult education field. The organization hosts conferences and workshops, provides professional development opportunities, and maintains an online library of resources related to adult education.


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AAACE mostly used in an acronym Educational in Category Community that means American Association for Adult and Continuing Education

Shorthand: AAACE,
Full Form: American Association for Adult and Continuing Education

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The mission of AAACE is to serve adult learners by promoting excellence in teaching, research, practice, policy making and leadership in the field of adult education. By facilitating collaboration among diverse stakeholders at local, state and national levels, AAACE seeks to advance access to quality learning experiences throughout our communities. This includes ensuring successful transitions into college or career fields; providing guidance on career planning; exploring new methods of instruction; developing course materials; improving access for people with disabilities; advocating equitable policies; reducing inequities in the classroom; supporting workforce development initiatives; and fostering best practices through research.


AAACE offers several types of membership options which provide members with unique benefits such as discounted registration fees for conferences/events/workshops hosted by AAACE as well as subscription discounts on publications from a variety of sources including periodicals and newsletters. Additionally members gain exclusive access to the organization’s many online resources including webinars, podcasts, special reports and more. All members also receive free subscriptions to two periodicals: The Journal for Adult Learning and Literacy (JALL), published quarterly by AAACE since 1985;and New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education (ND-ACE), produced alongside two other organizations since 1975.

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What is the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education?

The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) is a professional association dedicated to advancing the field of adult and continuing education. AAACE provides members with opportunities for scholarly engagement, professional development, and networking through engaging events, workshops, publications, research initiatives, conferences, and advocacy.

What services does AAACE offer?

AAACE offers a variety of services to its members including online events and workshops, career resources, networking opportunities, publications and resources, research initiatives, conferences, advocacy activities and more.

Who can join AAACE?

Membership in AAACE is open to anyone interested in the field of adult and continuing education. This includes educators, students, researchers, administrators and other professionals from all countries.

How do I become a member of AAACE?

You can join AAACE by visiting our website at www.aaace.org/membership/join or calling us at 843-881-0520.

What are some of the benefits of joining AAACE?

Benefits of joining AAACE include discounted registration fees to our conferences; access to our research library; career resources like job board postings; discounts on books published by association members; free publications; access to scholarship programs; recognition programs for outstanding achievements in the field; access to an online discussion forum; special interest group newsletters with current information about adult education topics; regional updates on local activities related to adult learning; advocacy resources that assist members in making their voices heard about legislation affecting adult learning programs; invitations to participate in professional development activities across disciplines like instructional design or educational technology along with news about new trends in lifelong learning.

Does my membership renew automatically each year?

Yes! Your membership will renew automatically each year unless you choose to opt out before your renewal date.

Are there scholarships available through AAACE?

Yes! We offer several scholarships each year for students who are pursuing degrees related to adult & continuing education as well as those seeking professional development opportunities through attending our annual conference or taking part in one of our leadership development academies.

Is there a code of ethics associated with being a member of AAACE?

Yes! All members are expected to uphold the Code of Ethics established by The American Association for Adult & Continuing Education which reflects shared values concerning best practices surrounding teaching methods within adult learning settings.

How can I stay informed about what's happening at AAACE?

You can stay informed about all things related to the American Association for Adult & Continuing Education by subscribing to our newsletter “EduPulse” which is sent out monthly or by joining one of our numerous social media forums on Twitter or Facebook.

Does my membership grant me access to any other organizations or associations?

Yes - Your membership grants you access not only to the American Association for Adult & Continuing Education but also all affiliated divisions including National Councils such as those focused on Career Development or Community College Leadership Development Programs as well as International Councils focused on topics such as diversity inclusion & equity abroad.

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The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education is committed to ensuring that all students have meaningful access to quality instruction regardless of their background or circumstances. By helping those in the adult education profession stay abreast of developments within their field as well as offering various resources available only through membership – AAACE plays an invaluable role in advocating on behalf of adults across the country who seek greater educational opportunities.

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