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AAACE stands for American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. It is a professional organization that is dedicated to promoting the field of adult and continuing education. The organization was founded in 1934, and since then, has been an advocate for adult learning, both in the classroom and beyond. AAACE strives to support adult learners by providing resources, research, networking opportunities, and advocacy work related to this important type of education. With a mission of helping adults reach their educational goals, AAACE provides an invaluable service to its members.


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AAACE stands for the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. It is an organization that promotes the professional development of educators working with adults in non-traditional settings. AAACE’s mission is to foster excellence in practice, research, policymaking, advocacy and leadership in the area of adult learning across all disciplines and contexts. The association not only serves as a resource for current practitioners but also offers several different certification programs as well as recognition awards for those who have made significant contributions to the field of adult education.


The AAACE provides many benefits to its members including access to exclusive member resources such as research papers and special discounts on conference registration fees. Additionally, membership grants access to an online community where professionals can interact with one another on topics related to adult learning and continuing education topics or just socialize with like minded people in their field. For those seeking certification in adult education, AAACE offers various levels of certification which can assist individuals in furthering their educational goals while simultaneously enriching their career opportunities within the field. Furthermore,AAACE regularly hosts conferences where leading professionals from the field present on current issues relating to adult learning today such as technological advances or changing trends in research methods used within the area. The association also sponsors awards programs showcasing outstanding achievements within the field each year.

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What does AACE stand for?

AACE stands for American Association for Clinical Endocrinologists.

What is the mission of AACE?

The mission of AACE is to promote quality and excellence in patient care, research, education, service and advocacy in the field of endocrinology.

What are the benefits of joining AACE?

By becoming a member of AACE you will have access to a variety of resources such as educational materials, access to continuing medical education courses, discounts on select conferences and workshops, subscription to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), member networks and more.

How can I become a member of AACE?

To become a member of AACE first visit their website https://www.aace.com/membership/become-member then click ‘join now’ button, fill all information correctly and submit your application online with payment options. After that you will be provided with confirmation e-mail from the association and your membership will be active from that day onward.

Who is eligible for membership in AACE?

Any individual who has a professional interest in endocrine science or practice is eligible to become an individual member in the American Association for Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE). Medical doctors, scientists working in academia or affiliated industry organizations as well as other professionals who are interested can also qualify for membership at this organization.

Is there any minimum requirement to become an AACE Member?

Yes, applicants should hold a current U.S./Canadian medical license or certification issued by one of several recognized agencies such as the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABM) or Royal College Certification (RCC). Furthermore Applicant must maintain professional liability insurance coverage which satisfies requirements set by ABM/RCC or respective specialty board; applicants must also have completed an accredited residency program in their respective specialty prior to applying.

Is there any fee associated with becoming an Member of AACE?

Yes. There is a non-refundable application fee when applying for membership and annual dues must be paid each year for continued membership status. For more detail about fees please visit https://www.aace.com/membership/become-member page on official website.

Are there any restrictions on Membership renewal after it expires?

No restrictions apply if you meet the requirements as mentioned above upon joining initially, however some reinstatement fees may apply if you let your membership lapse beyond one year.

Final Words:
In conclusion,the American Association for Adult Education continues to be a valuable resource providing support,advocacy and networking opportunities for those interested or involved with this unique area of teaching. Their mission is reflective within its member base ;to help professionals reach their personal goals while also advancing knowledge around best practices when teaching adult learners. Whether you are interested simply exploring what this organization has offer or seeking individual certification -AAACE promises something advantageous for everyone.


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