AAAD stands for Association des Amis des Archives Diplomatiques. This organization was established in France in 1999 and is dedicated to preserving the diplomatic documents related to international relations. AAAD is an independent, non-profit organisation that works to ensure that these historical diplomatic documents remain accessible to all interested parties. The organisation has a strong commitment to scholarly research and encourages the use of its archive collection in academic work. It also organises conferences and joint projects with research institutes and universities around the world.


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AAAD mostly used in an acronym Non-Profit Organizations in Category Community that means Association des Amis des Archives Diplomatiques

Shorthand: AAAD,
Full Form: Association des Amis des Archives Diplomatiques

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What does AAAD Do

The main mission of AAAD is to preserve and protect the large collection of diplomatic archives related to international relations from all over the world. These archives include, but are not limited to, correspondence, treaties, agreements, protocols, treaty reservations, charters, records of debates in international organizations and reports on foreign enemy relations between countries. AAAD ensures that such archival material remains accessible for everyone who is interested in studying or researching it - including students, scholars and policy makers - so as not to rob future generations of priceless insight into global affairs over time. To this end, AAAD provides a wide range of activities designed to promote access to these archival resources including seminars; workshops; conferences; publications; research grants; travel grants for students; fellowships; internships; training courses for archivists and other professionals working with diplomatic documents; online databases; mutual aid among members’ collections; archaeological conservation activities and heritage tours.

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What is the Association des Amis des Archives Diplomatiques?

The Association des Amis des Archives Diplomatiques (AAAD) is an organization dedicated to researching and preserving historical diplomatic documents. The AAAD works to provide access to archival materials from French embassies around the world for educational and research purposes.

How does AAAD support diplomacy studies?

AAAD supports diplomacy studies by facilitating access to important sources of information, such as historical documents, which are necessary for in-depth research into diplomatic affairs. It also provides educational materials and activities that help students understand the history of international relations and diplomatic practice.

When was the AAAD established?

The Association des Amis des Archives Diplomatiques was established in 2003 with the goal of providing access to important research materials related to diplomatic affairs.

Who can become a member of AAAD?

Membership in AAAD is open to anyone interested in preserving and researching historical diplomatic documents. This includes academics, historians, researchers, students, and members of the public who share an interest in diplomacy.

What services does AAAD provide?

AAAD provides a variety of services relating to diplomatic archives including archival research, document preservation, public education events, conferences and publications. It also organizes research projects and offers grants for scholars studying international relations or foreign policy.

Does AAAD offer online resources?

Yes, AAAD provides a range of online resources including digital archives, an online library catalogue, digitized images, articles and other materials related to diplomatic history. These resources can be accessed on its website or through social media channels.

What types of documents does AAAD preserve?

The documents preserved by the Association des Amis des Archives Diplomatiques include correspondence between governments; treaties; proclamations; instructions sent by one government to their representatives abroad; reports on political events; as well as maps and photographs related to diplomacy.

Does AAAD accept donations?

Yes! Donations are essential for sustaining the work of the association in providing access to archival material relating to French embassies around the world. To make a donation please visit our website or contact us at [email protected] for more details about donating items relevant to our archive collections.

Final Words:
In conclusion, AAAD is a French non-profit organization committed to promoting access to diplomatic archives related to international relations from all times periods which are essential for helping us better understand our pasts as well as our current realities more accurately. By providing such opportunities like seminars, workshops, conferences etc., AAAD allows us to learn more about the history behind certain events which can help inform our decisions going forward more effectively.


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