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The Australian Asian Association of Dentists (AAAD) is an organization that promotes the advancement and development of dental science in Asia through its many research activities, educational initiatives, and public health initiatives. As a member-driven organization, AAAD strives to improve the quality of dental care and services in the region by providing access to evidence-based information, development of best practices and resources for mental health professionals. Established in 2017, AAAD seeks to promote diversity within the dental sector by celebrating different cultures, traditions, languages and perspectives from across the continent.


AAAD meaning in Asian in International

AAAD mostly used in an acronym Asian in Category International that means Australian Asian Association of Dentists

Shorthand: AAAD,
Full Form: Australian Asian Association of Dentists

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What We Do

The Australian Asian Association of Dentists offers a variety of services that support dentistry students and professionals alike. Members are able to access resources such as evidence-based practice information, webinars on current topics in dentistry, publications, peer reviews on specific topics related to dentistry and even scholarship opportunities. We are continuously expanding our network with memberships from both countries within Asian as well as other stakeholders around the world who have shared interests in promoting oral health care in Asia. To better serve this diverse population we hold events such as conferences and seminars that focus on addressing issues like public awareness of oral health and prevention methods; building collaborations between stakeholders globally; advocating for reforms; identifying new opportunities for further research; connecting dentistry students with experienced professionals; developing partnerships with organizations that promote cultural exchange between countries; and creating global networks among dental professionals around the world. Our mission is to create global communities that advocate for improved standards and become global leaders in dental education and promotion.

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What is the Australian Asian Association of Dentists?

The Australian Asian Association of Dentists (AAAD) is an organisation that aims to provide support and advancement for dentists, dental students and dental professionals from all backgrounds. We also strive to promote improved oral health outcomes, enhance the knowledge and practice of dentistry in Australia, and create a more culturally competent medical workforce.

How can I join AAAD?

Membership with the AAAD is open to both full-time and part-time dentists, students, allied health professionals and other dental professionals. To become a member simply fill out our online application form or download the paper version.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members have access to various networks, information sharing platforms, educational seminars and professional development opportunities. Our members also have access to a range of discounted services as well as exclusive discounts on AAAD publications such as journals and newsletters.

How often do we meet?

The AAAD holds regular meetings throughout the year which usually take place during lunch or after work hours. These meetings allow our members to discuss relevant topics regarding oral health care in Australia or attend various guest lectures.

What type of activities does the AAAD organise?

The AAAD organises a wide variety of activities ranging from study groups for medical students, patient education events for children, oral health awareness campaigns for adults, political engagement initiatives and much more!

Does the AAAD organise any dentist conference?

Yes! The annual AAAD conference provides both continuing education opportunities for members as well as engaging networking sessions with other like-minded individuals within the Australian dental community. Each year we feature inspiring keynote speakers along with workshops led by experienced industry experts.

Are there any publications that I can get involved with?

Absolutely! Our members can contribute their opinions regarding current developments in dentistry via our blog posts or help authors create content such as articles or book chapters within our books series. In addition to this, members also have access to our professional journal — ‘Oral Health & Wellbeing' which features reviews on topics related to current developments in dentistry along with interviews from prominent figures within the field.

How can I stay up-to-date with recent news within the association?

You can keep up to date with all things related to AAAD via joining our mailing list at www.aaad.org/subscriptions or follow us on social media (Facebook & Twitter). We also post monthly newsletters which summarise all events that are taking place so you won't miss any exciting updates from us.

Final Words:
The Australian Asian Association of Dentists (AAAD) proudly serves members from across Asia and is dedicated to promoting ethical standards within dentistry worldwide through its research activities, educational initiatives and public health campaigns. Through our continued commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for dental professionals regardless of background or qualifications we remain committed to setting global standards for innovation in oral healthcare delivery. Join us today in making sure every patient living across continents receive quality oral care they deserve!


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