AACC stands for the American Association of Clinical Chemistry. It is a global scientific and medical organization dedicated to clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare. Founded in 1948, AACC brings together physicians, researchers, scientists, medical technologists, lab managers, students, and other professionals from around the world to advance the field through collaboration, education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, and support.


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AACC mostly used in an acronym Clinical Medicine in Category Medical that means American Association of Clinical Chemistry

Shorthand: AACC,
Full Form: American Association of Clinical Chemistry

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The American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) is an international professional organization that advances the science of clinical chemistry and related disciplines. AACC’s mission is to improve healthcare through quality laboratory testing. The association works to bring together physicians, researchers and other healthcare providers from all over the world in order to promote dialogue and collaboration among members. Additionally, AACC provides opportunities for members to attend conferences on topics such as diagnostic testing protocols and advanced testing technologies. The organization also provides resources for professionals pursuing continuing education in the field of clinical chemistry.

Professional Opportunities

As a member of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC), professionals have access to a wide range of benefits including networking opportunities with peers from around the globe; access to cutting edge technology; certification programs; an annual conference featuring workshops and speakers from around the world; discounts on publications and products; discounted rates on accreditation or certification exams; free webinars covering important topics in clinical chemistry; information about industry jobs; access to journals like Clinical Chemistry; resources on key topics such as laboratory safety standards and patient care initiatives; education grants; continuing education programs and more.

Essential Questions and Answers on American Association of Clinical Chemistry in "MEDICAL»CLINICAL"

What is the American Association of Clinical Chemistry?

The American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) is a non-profit scientific organization that focuses on advancing the clinical laboratory science field. AACC strives to promote excellence in patient care through its members, publications, meetings, and advocacy activities. It provides a forum for exchanging information on advances made in clinical laboratory tests and their applications.

What services does AACC offer?

AACC offers a wide range of services to its members including educational opportunities such as conferences and webinars; research publications; an online library; member discounts on products and services; networking opportunities; and advocacy support for policies that support the clinical laboratory sciences field.

How can I join AACC?

To become an AACC member, you must first meet certain criteria. You must have either been actively employed in or graduated from an accredited institution with a degree in one of the clinical laboratory sciences related fields, such as medical technology or clinical chemistry. You must also pay an annual membership fee to gain access to all the benefits associated with being part of the organization.

Are there any other requirements needed to become an AACC member?

Yes. All applicants must also sign a code of ethics agreeing to uphold professional standards and maintain integrity when working in the clinical laboratory science field. This includes adhering to safety guidelines and maintaining confidentiality when handling sensitive patient data.

How can I stay up-to-date with new developments at AACC?

By visiting the official website regularly or subscribing to their newsletter which is updated on a regular basis with news about upcoming events, conferences, publications, awards, resources and more related to AACC activities. Additionally, many members are active on various social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter where they share news about the organization’s activities.

Does AACC provide educational resources?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, AACC offers its members educational opportunities such as conferences and webinars but also provides other resources like books, journals and multimedia material such as videos which can be accessed directly from their website or purchased at discount prices using your membership account profile information.

Does AACC provide financial assistance?

Yes! Grants are available from time to time for undergraduate/graduate students doing research or study in fields related to clinical laboratory sciences disciplines (e.g., biochemistry). Information about these grant programs can be found under “Research Funding Opportunities” on their official website or by contacting them directly via email or phone call for details regarding how one might apply for them.

How often do conferences take place hosted by AACC?

There are several conferences throughout the year wherein professionals from across different disciplines within this field come together to discuss recent advancements made in testing technology as well as their implications for improving patient care practices around the world. These tend to take place at least once annually but smaller localized ones may take place more frequently depending on regional interest/participation levels.

What kind of publications are available through AACC?

Several specialized journals dedicated towards publishing new research findings within this field are made available digitally through their official website which can be accessed by anyone free of cost (with limits). In addition, books written by leading experts within this space covering topics ranging from basic introductions into clinical laboratory science principles up until the latest breakthroughs being made in this area are also available here that can be purchased directly via ecommerce portals using credit card details.

Is there any way I can get involved with local initiatives sponsored by AACCC?

Yes! If interested you could join one of several local chapters that exist around major metropolitan areas within North America who conduct regular meetings wherein volunteers present talks surrounding topics related directly/indirectly towards progress being made within this field along with group discussions involving themes specific towards each chapter’s individual goals/ambitions outside these gatherings too - so if interested please signup via their official website today!

Final Words:
The American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) plays an important role in advancing the science of clinical chemistry by providing members with access to research opportunities, educational resources, certification programs and more. Through these resources AACC strives to promote quality laboratory testing services that improve overall healthcare outcomes worldwide.


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