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Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation (AAAF) is a regional non-profit organization that works for the prevention, management and treatment of allergies and asthma in the Asian continent. It was established in 2003 with the mission to raise awareness about allergies and asthma, and provide access to care, resources and services to those affected by these conditions. Through research grants, educational programs and outreach campaigns, AAAF has become an important center for allergists, researchers and patients interested in preventing and managing allergies and asthma.


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AAAF mostly used in an acronym Asian in Category International that means Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation

Shorthand: AAAF,
Full Form: Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation

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Services Offered

AAAF provides educational resources on allergies and asthma to increase public knowledge about these conditions. It also organizes community health education programs aimed at people of different ages to promote better understanding of allergies and asthma symptoms, diagnosis methods, treatments options available as well as helpful lifestyle habits. The foundation organizes annual conferences allowing health professionals to collaborate with each other on strategies that can be implemented to reduce the negative impact of these conditions on individuals’ lives. Furthermore, AAAF supports research initiatives aiming at discovering new ways to diagnose or treat severe cases of allergies or asthma. The foundation also provides financial assistance through its various grant awards. These funds are given out on an annual basis to individuals or institutions conducting research studies related to allergic diseases or assisting adversely affected patients.

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What is the Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation?

The Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation (AAAF) is an independent, nonprofit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by allergic and asthmatic conditions in Asia. We are committed to delivering evidence-based medical care, advocating for improved access to care, educating both healthcare providers and patients about allergic diseases, and conducting research into new treatments and therapies.

What services does the Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation provide?

AAAF provides a number of different services for allergies and asthma, including providing medical consultations, home visits by expert physicians to assess individual needs and offer education on lifestyle management strategies, support groups for people with allergies or asthma, as well as research initiatives to develop new treatments.

How can I receive assistance from the Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation?

Individuals who believe they may be suffering from an allergy or asthma are encouraged to contact AAAF via their website or telephone hotline. Our team will arrange an appointment with a specialist who will assess your symptoms and diagnose the condition if necessary. We will then work with you to provide tailored treatment which suits your individual needs.

What types of allergic conditions do you treat?

AAAF's team of specialists can diagnose and treat a wide range of allergic conditions such as hay fever/rhinitis, eczema/dermatitis, food allergies/intolerances, drug allergies/sensitivities, bee sting allergies/anaphylaxis and more.

How does the Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation help individuals living with allergies or asthma?

AAAF provides comprehensive care for patients living with allergies or asthma through our medical consultation services, home visits by expert physicians and patient education programs on managing their condition(s). We also provide support networks where individuals can connect with others going through similar experiences.

Does the Asian Allergy Asthma foundation conduct research?

Yes – AAAF is committed to researching new treatments for allergies and asthma as well as exploring emerging diagnostic techniques which could lead to better outcomes for our patients. We collaborate closely with universities across Asia as well partner organisations worldwide - all in pursuit of finding better solutions for those living with chronic respiratory diseases.

Is there any way I can support the work of the Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation?

Absolutely! There are several ways that you can show your support for AAAF’s goals - online donations are one great way but we also encourage members of the public to spread awareness about allergic diseases via social media platforms or even joining fundraising events where funds raised go towards supporting our initiatives. If interested please keep up-to-date regarding opportunities at https://wwwaafasia.org/supportus/.

Do you have any educational resources available relating to allergy management?

Yes – on our website we have curated a library of educational materials designed to help individuals understand their own condition better; it includes information related to common allergens & triggers located in various parts of Asia, lifestyle tips on managing symptoms effectively as well as videos featuring interviews from experts in this field.

Are there any special considerations when travelling abroad if I suffer from allergic conditions?

Before embarking on a long-haul journey it is important that individuals take into account additional measures they should take while travelling abroad if they suffer from known allergies; this includes carrying items such as antihistamines (if prescribed by doctor), recognising emergency numbers in respective countries & having means to contact doctors quickly in unlikely cases that symptoms start appearing during trips.

Final Words:
Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation (AAAF) is a regional non-profit organization that works towards improving the quality of life for people suffering from allergies or asthma in the Asian continent. By providing educational programs along with conducting research initiatives into finding more effective diagnosis methods or treatments for these conditions AAAF strives to make a difference within this field across Asia. In addition, the foundation offers financial assistance both through its yearly grant awards as well as its various efforts aimed at raising awareness about allergies and asthma amongst all ages within society.

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