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The Association of Scottish Literary Studies (ASLS) is an organization that focuses on the study and promotion of literature from Scotland. It was founded in 1976 with the goal of bringing together scholars and teachers to promote an awareness and appreciation of Scotland’s literary heritage.


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ASLS mostly used in an acronym Associations in Category Community that means Association of Scottish Literary Studies

Association of Scottish Literary Studies

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What does ASLS do?

The ASLS works to promote the study and appreciation of Scottish literature through organizing seminars, conferences, publications, and other activities.

Who can join ASLS?

Anyone who is interested in studying or promoting literature from Scotland is welcome to join the ASLS. This includes academics, teachers, students, authors, publishers, and anyone else who wishes to help promote literature from Scotland.

What kind of publications does ASLS produce?

The ASLS publishes books and journals on topics related to Scottish literature including book reviews, biographies, critical essays, bibliographies, and much more. They also maintain a website for members where they can access discussions about various topics related to Scottish literature.

Final Words:
The Association of Scottish Literary Studies is a valuable resource for those wishing to learn more about literature from Scotland or become involved in its promotion. Whether you are a student or teacher looking for resources or an author or publisher interested in having your work published by the ASLS, this organization provides many opportunities for engaging with Scotland’s literary heritage.

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