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Arkansas Valley Seed Inc. (AVSI) is a seed production, processing and distribution company based in the United States. They specialize in providing high-quality, locally adapted and genetically improved seed varieties to growers across North America. AVSI's offerings include both conventional and organic field seeds, tree seeds, and vegetable seeds.


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Arkansas Valley Seed Inc

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What products does AVSI offer?

AVSI offers both conventional and organic field seeds, tree seeds and vegetable seeds.

Are all of AVSI’s products locally adapted?

Yes, all of AVSI’s products are locally adapted for specific locations.

Where are AVSI’s products distributed?

AVSI’s products are distributed throughout North America.

Does AVSI offer certified organic products?

Yes, AVSI offers a wide range of certified organic products.

Does AVSI provide any additional services to its customers?

Yes, in addition to providing quality seed varieties, AVSI also provides agronomic support services to its customers such as soil sampling and fertility recommendations as well as crop production advice.

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Arkansas Valley Seed Inc. is committed to providing growers with the highest quality and most locally adapted seed varieties available on the market today. Their extensive selection of conventional and organic seed varieties make them an ideal partner for growers looking for high-performance results in their operations. At Arkansas Valley Seed Inc., they take great pride in offering exceptional customer service that meets their customer's unique needs while helping them achieve maximum success with their crops.

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