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The Canadian Award for Financial Reporting (CAnFR) celebrates the excellence of publicly accountable organizations (PAOs) in preparing financial reports that meet rigorous standards and inform stakeholders. These awards recognize PAOs that demonstrate superior performance in their financial reporting by providing a clear, concise and transparent story of their business. The criteria used to assess submissions include overall presentation, clarity of disclosure, balance between technical accuracy and readability, complexity of underlying operations, effective use of graphics, among others.


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CAnFR mostly used in an acronym Finance in Category Business that means Canadian Award for Financial Reporting

Canadian Award for Financial Reporting

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What is CAnFR?

The Canadian Award for Financial Reporting (CAnFR) was established in 2020 by Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA Canada) and the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB). This award recognizes excellence in public sector accounting and public accountability through meaningful transparency in financial disclosure. The PAOs eligible for this award must have consistently met or exceeded relevant regulatory requirements associated with financial statements along with other associated documents such as management discussions and analysis (MD&As), auditor’s reports, going-concern assessments and source notes.

Why is CAnFR important?

Organizations can provide stakeholders with the ability to access information about how their funds are being managed - increasing trust in their operations. With the CAnFR recognizing organizations that produce quality financial disclosures, it incentivizes all PAOs to strive towards improved disclosure practices. High-quality financial reporting also helps protect investors from fraud while also making it easier for businesses to obtain financing and other resources when they need them most. Organizations are judged on a variety of criteria including presentation and readability with criteria tailored specific to each individual organization.

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What is the Canadian Award for Financial Reporting?

The Canadian Award for Financial Reporting (CAFR) recognizes outstanding reports of governmental organizations, Crown corporations and educational institutions in Canada. It encourages entities to improve their financial reporting and celebrates excellence in the industry.

Who are eligible to apply for the CAFR award?

Entities who are responsible for producing financial statements for a governmental organization, Crown corporation, or educational institution in Canada may apply for the CAFR award.

Is there a nomination process for this award?

No, the CAFR award does not have a nomination process; it is an open entry system that requires applicants to voluntarily submit their annual report via email or mail.

How can I obtain an application form for the CAFR award?

Application forms for the CAFR award can be downloaded from their website at http://www.awardsforfinancialreporting.ca/cfa/index_e.cfm.

When is the deadline to submit my application?

Applications must be received on or before November 15th of each year in order to be considered by the judges.

Are there any criteria that need to be met in order to receive this award?

Yes, all entries should meet basic financial reporting criteria as established by international standards such as International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

What is the judging process like?

Judging takes place based upon several criteria including quality of disclosure, clarity of message conveyed and overall presentation value of reports submitted by applicants. The judges are comprised of members fromindependent accounting associations and other financial professionals within Canada.

What type of recognition does this award provide?

All recipients are recognized with a certificate of achievement presented at an awards ceremony where they will also receive complimentary one-year membership into any provincial accounting body across Canada.

Final Words:
The CAnFR is an important initiative that recognizes those organizations who strive towards producing high-quality disclosures which add value to stakeholders while meeting legal requirements. By rewarding exceptional achievement in producing meaningful financial information that adheres to sound accounting principles, can be easily understood and effectively communicated; the CAnFR encourages greater fiscal responsibility within publicly accountable organizations as well applauding superior performance within the sector overall.


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