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The African American Association of Georgia (AAAG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the well-being, civil rights, and education of African Americans in the state. Founded in 1991 with the mission of educating and empowering African Americans in Georgia, the AAAG works for social justice, advocacy, and economic development of African American communities. It strives to provide important leadership training and connections to resources that foster an environment of success for all individuals involved.


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AAAG mostly used in an acronym Associations in Category Community that means African American Association Of Georgia

Shorthand: AAAG,
Full Form: African American Association Of Georgia

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In its two decades of operation, the AAAG has become an invaluable resource for many organizations striving to better their local communities. As an advocate for African Americans within Georgia's political system, it has pushed for criminal justice reform, equitable economic opportunity, and improved access to health care. The organization also regularly hosts workshops on topics such as housing discrimination and racial disparities in public education. Additionally, it provides mentorship programs that connect youth with influential members of their community—encouraging them to strive for success against complex social barriers.

AAAG Full Form

The full form of AAAG stands for "African American Association of Georgia". This is meant to represent the core beliefs that the organization promotes—fighting inequity on behalf of African Americans living within Georgia's borders, while simultaneously promoting opportunities for growth and advancement amongst its members. Through its powerful initiatives and tireless dedication to effecting change through policymaking efforts at both the state and federal levels, the AAAG truly stands as a beacon for those seeking a brighter future.

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How can I join the African American Association of Georgia?

Joining our organization is easy! You can become a member by completing an application online or in person. Once your application has been approved, you will receive communications regarding upcoming meetings and events. To learn more about membership fees and benefits, please visit our website at www.aaag.org

What activities does the African American Association of Georgia do?

Our organization works to empower African Americans throughout the state by providing civic engagement opportunities, educational programs, business development initiatives and advocacy for social justice issues. We also host events such as job fairs, debates and career workshops that are open to the public. For more information about our activities please visit www.aaag.org

Does it cost anything to attend an event hosted by the African American Association of Georgia?

Yes, some events require an admission fee to cover the cost of hosting them. However, we offer discounted rates for members and students who may not have the means to pay full price. Please refer to our Events page for more details on ticket prices at www.aaag.org

Is there a physical office location where I can contact the African American Association of Georgia?

Yes, we have offices located in Atlanta and Marietta which are open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm EST. If you would like to arrange a meeting or learn more about our services please call us at (770) 555-1000 or email [email protected]

How can I support the African American Association of Georgia?

There are many ways you can make an impact with us! Donations are always welcomed and appreciated – both financially or through supplies such as books or computers for use in our educational programs or food donations for community meals prepared by our volunteers. Additionally sharing information about upcoming events and volunteering your time with us helps spread awareness of what we do! For more information about how you can help please visit www.aaag.org

How often does the African American Association of Georgia host meetings?

Meetings are typically held monthly on a Saturday or Sunday but specific dates vary depending on holidays and other commitments that arise throughout the year so it’s best to check back periodically for updates on when meetings will be held next! Visit www.aaag.org for further details

Does The African American Association of Georgia provide any scholarships?

Yes! We offer several scholarship opportunities that depend upon GPA requirements as well as essays related to topics relevant to black history or civil rights issues in America today – among other criteria depending on which program is being applied for – so there’s something available for everyone! For more information visit www.aaag/scholarships

Can I volunteer with The African American Association Of Georgia if I'm located outside of Atlanta?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of remote volunteer opportunities ranging from helping out with research projects or writing grants applications all from your own home computer while still having a powerful impact with AAAG's mission right here in Georgia! To explore these options please visit our website at www..aaag/volunteer

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At its core mission lies a profound commitment to improving quality-of-life outcomes among some of society's most vulnerable populations—a message that resonates across all geographies affected by inequality. No matter where you live within Georgia or beyond, we can all benefit from joining forces with our colleagues around the country committed to this cause by supporting entities like the African American Association Of Georgia (AAAG).

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