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The Australian Association of Academic General Practitioners (AAAGP) is an organisation that promotes the advancement of general practitioners (GPs) in the academic field. As a professional group, the AAAGP seeks to provide support and advocate for GPs working in academia. This includes providing educational opportunities, developing research interests, and encouraging best practice within the profession. Through these activities, the AAAGP works to ensure that GPs are able to deliver high-quality healthcare services to their patients.


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AAAGP mostly used in an acronym Medical in Category Medical that means Australian Association of Academic General Practitioners

Shorthand: AAAGP,
Full Form: Australian Association of Academic General Practitioners

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The Purpose of AAAGP

The purpose of AAAGP is twofold – advancing the practice of general practice through promoting academic excellence and advocating for GP’s rights in academia. Through its membership base, the association seeks to improve access to quality medical education by providing resources such as educational material, tools and courses which allow members to develop their professional knowledge base and skillset. Additionally, it works towards raising awareness about issues surrounding general practice such as funding cuts or workforce shortages so that members can get involved in creating realistic solutions which ultimately benefit patient care.

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What is the Australian Association of Academic General Practitioners (AAAGP)?

The Australian Association of Academic General Practitioners (AAAGP) is a national non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of all Australians through education and research in general practice. It provides professional development opportunities for GPs, as well as support for all levels of general practitioners, from medical students to researchers.

What services does the AAAGP provide?

The AAAGP provides educational resources on general practice topics, including clinical guidelines, best practices, and continuing professional development programs. It also facilitates networking opportunities with other GPs across Australia, enabling them to share ideas and experiences. In addition, it promotes research projects relevant to primary care and supports postgraduate training pathways for GPs.

How can I join the AAAGP?

You can become a member of the AAAGP by filling out an online application form on its website or contacting their Membership Services department directly. Benefits of membership include access to special member-only events and activities as well as discounts on publications related to general practice.

Are there any other benefits associated with joining the AAAGP?

Yes! As a member you will receive regular newsletters with updates on new developments in general practise such as changes in law or regulations or information about upcoming events. You will also gain access to forums where you can discuss issues related to your profession with other members.

Is there an annual fee associated with being a member of the AAAGP?

Yes, there is an annual fee that varies according to membership type – individual, student or corporate – which must be paid prior to renewal each year. Fees may be reviewed from time to time by the Board of Directors if necessary.

What resources are available through the AAAGP?

The AAAGP provides access to a range of educational resources designed specifically for GPs at various stages in their career such as clinical guidelines, best practices in general practice, continuing professional development programs and research projects relevant to primary care delivery in Australia.

Does the AAAGP offer any accreditation courses?

Yes - The AAAGP offers several different pathways for doctors seeking specialist accreditation in General Practice including Fellowship exams and Primary Care Training Programs such as GP Synergy’s Primary Care Development Program (PCPD). All these courses help ensure that new GPs have up-to-date knowledge and skills required when providing safe patient care.

Final Words:
Through its initiatives aimed at improving access to quality medical education and increasing awareness around issues impacting general practice, the Australian Association of Academic General Practitioners serves an important role in advancing primary health care within Australia's healthcare system. By supporting research activities conducted by academic GPs and advocating for better support services within universities or private practices associated with medical schools and teaching hospitals the association continues to make significant contributions towards ensuring optimal patient care outcomes.


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