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The American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) is a non-profit health and fitness organization that promotes aerobic exercise in the United States. Established in 1988, AAAI offers certifications for aerobic instructors, as well as educational materials, workshops, conferences, competitions, insurance and other services for its members and the general public. The AAAI works to promote the safe and effective use of aerobic exercise as a healthy lifestyle choice for people of all ages.


AAAI meaning in International in International

AAAI mostly used in an acronym International in Category International that means American Aerobic Association International

Shorthand: AAAI,
Full Form: American Aerobic Association International

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What is the American Aerobic Association International?

The American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) is a professional fitness organization that promotes physical activity, healthy lifestyles, and aerobic fitness. The AAAI provides educational programs, professional certifications, seminars and workshops for the exercise and health profession and certification examinations to recognize competency in health instructors.

What are the benefits of joining the American Aerobic Association International?

By joining the AAAI, members gain access to resources including continuing education opportunities such as conferences, webinars, online courses and hands-on workshops. Additionally, members receive discounts on certifications and products. Becoming a member also brings status to your personal or business profile in the aerobics community.

How do I become a Certified American Aerobic Association Instructor?

To become an AAAI Certified Instructor you must meet certain requirements that include passing the written Knowledge Exam with 80%, submitting CPR/AED certification documentation from an approved provider in addition to at least one hour of practical examination with an approved Evaluator. Once all criteria have been met you will be eligible to receive your certification card.

What are some of the certifications offered by the American Aerobic Association International?

The AAAI offers instructor certifications in various disciplines such as Group Exercise Leadership, Personal Training Specialization, Pilates Reformer Instructor Certification Program among others. You can view more information on these certifications and others on our website at www.aaai-fitness.org

How often should I renew my membership with the American Aerobic Association International?

All AAAI memberships should be renewed every year in order to remain active within our organization so you can access all our resources and programs throughout the year without interruption or delay.

Are there any discounts available for purchasing multiple certifications through AAAI?

Yes! We offer discounted rates for those who purchase multiple certifications through us. You can contact customer service or visit our website for more information regarding these discounted packages.

How long does it take for my Certificate of Completion after taking an educational program with American Aerobic Association International?

After you have successfully completed any educational program offered by AAAI you will typically receive your certificate within 14 days of completing said program via email or mail depending on your initial request when signing up for said program.

Final Words:
The American Aerobic Association International is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle choices and helping people become aware of the importance of regular physical activity through certification programs, educational materials and events. Becoming a member gives individuals access to exclusive resources such as discounts on fitness products from popular brands as well as certification credits which make them more hireable within the health club industry.


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