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The Council House-Associated Vermin (CHAV) abbreviation is used within the United Kingdom to refer to a particular group of young people in public housing. This typically includes young people from lower social classes with few qualifications who are seen as “undesirables” by some sectors of society.


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CHAV mostly used in an acronym Community in Category Community that means Council House-Associated Vermin (UK)

Shorthand: CHAV,
Full Form: Council House-Associated Vermin (UK)

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What does CHAV stand for?

CHAV stands for Council House-Associated Vermin.

Who does the term CHAV typically refer to?

The term typically refers to lower-class British youths living in public housing who have few qualifications and are seen as undesirable by some sectors of society.

Where is the term CHAV used?

It is primarily used in the United Kingdom.

How did the term originate?

It is thought that the term originated with upper-class Britons making negative remarks about their working-class neighbours living in public housing.

What meaning do different people attribute to this term?

While some use the word derogatively and negatively, others view it with pride or indifference.

Final Words:
In conclusion, CHAV stands for Council House-Associated Vermin, which is a derogatory label used primarily in the United Kingdom which often refers to poor working class youths living in public housing who are seen as an undesired element by some sectors of society.

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