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The Asian American Business Council (AABC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building economic prosperity for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) businesses, communities, and families. AABC works to empower AAPI communities by providing resources, engaging in advocacy and policy change, and advocating for access to capital.


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AABC mostly used in an acronym Business in Category Business that means Asian American Business Council

Shorthand: AABC,
Full Form: Asian American Business Council

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What services do the AABC provide?

The AABC provides resources on business development, technology solutions, marketing and advertising strategies, financial literacy education, legal assistance, networking opportunities, and other supportive services.

Who can benefit from the AABC's services?

Any AAPI business owner or entrepreneur looking to start or grow their business can benefit from the AABC's services.

How does the AABC advocate for policy change?

The AABC engages in policy analysis and public education on economic issues that affect AAPI businesses and communities. They also work with elected officials at all levels of government to promote socioeconomic development policies that will support AAPI businesses.

How does the AABC engage in advocacy?

The AABC advocates at national conventions and conferences on behalf of AAPI business owners who face systemic barriers to success such as unequal access to capital or discriminatory immigration policies. They also have an active presence in both online and offline media outlets advocating for greater economic equity for AAPI businesses.

What is the long-term goal of the AABC?

The long-term goal of the AABC is to build pathways out of poverty for low-income entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship training programs, mentorship programs, microfinance opportunities, network building initiatives, capacity building activities (e.g., workshops), research projects related to various aspects of poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship initiatives such as youth employment programs. In addition, they are committed to ensuring equitable access to capital for under-resourced entrepreneurs so that they can achieve economic success and contribute positively to their local communities.

Final Words:
The Asian American Business Council is working hard every day towards creating a more equitable economy for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds by promoting access to financial literacy education and resources, advocating for policy change at all levels of government,and engaging in advocacy campaigns across multiple platforms in order to ensure a more level playing field for AAPI businesses everywhere.


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