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Alton Railroad, commonly referred to as A, is one of the oldest Railroads in the United States. Established in 1847, the Alton Railroad operated numerous passenger and freight services throughout its history until its dissolution in 1970. Though it may have since been forgotten by the general public, “A” remains an iconic part of railroading to this day and still has deep ties with other railroad companies across the country.


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Full Form: Alton Railroad

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The Alton Railroad began operation shortly after its formation in 1847 under the name Illinois and Mississippi Railroad. Initially limited to running between Alton and Bloomington, it would later expand across Northern Illinois after being reorganized as Chicago & Alton Railway in 1864. Serving some of the major cities along its route such as Springfield, Decatur, Lincoln and Peoria, A helped bring a major connection between these places. With passenger services being particularly successful during World War II due to increased demand for traveling between destinations, A hoped to continue their service even after wartime demands had subsided. Unfortunately for them however, competition from commercial airlines caused them to struggle financially soon after and by 1970 they declared bankruptcy.


Though no longer operating today, many still recognize “A” for its contributions to early railroading in America. Its founding station in Alton has become a historical landmark where people can visit and explore artifacts related to their operations over time while there are many who view their memorabilia as collector's items today. Still present on some railway maps of older lines around the country are signs of what was once known as The Alton Railroad - showing just how far reaching its influence was at one time or another during its operations. In addition, many businesses still emulate aspects of what made A successful during their peak years such as innovative railway designs that could be adopted into current systems or customer service strategies that were implemented at one point or another that could be replicated by other railways today.

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What is the Alton Railroad?

The Alton Railroad was a 19th-century American railroad in Illinois that connected St. Louis, Missouri, and Chicago, Illinois. It operated from 1847 to 1972.

Where does the Alton Railroad run through?

The Alton Railroad ran through central and southwestern Illinois including towns such as Springfield, Peoria, Decatur, Bloomington-Normal and Carbondale.

How far did the Alton Railroad stretch?

The Alton Railroad stretched from Chicago to St. Louis over a distance of 410 miles (660 km).

When was the Alton Railroad established?

The Alton Railroad was established in 1847 under the name of Chicago & Mississippi RR. It changed its name in 1909 when it merged with several other small companies to become known as The Chicago & Alton RR (C&A).

What services were offered by the Alton Railroad?

The Alton Railroad offered freight and passenger services during its more than 120 years of operation. These included mail delivery, express service and a special dining car for passengers traveling between St Louis and Chicago. In addition, it also provided transportation for coal mined in the area.

Why did the Alton Railroad cease operations?

By 1972, diesel-powered locomotives had replaced steam locomotives causing demand for coal miners employed by the railroad to decline significantly; this led to decreased profits for the railroad which ultimately lead to its closure in 1972 due to bankruptcy.

Was there a difference between steam locomotives used by the C&A compared with those used elsewhere?

Yes! The C&A initially ordered ten new 2-8-2 "Mikado" type locomotives built by Baldwin Locomotive Works designed specifically for their routes - these became known as "Altoons." Eventually they purchased almost 60 Altoons that could travel faster and haul heavier loads than comparable models at other railroads across America - making them unique to only this particular railroad.

Is there still evidence of the railroad today?

Yes! Although most of bridges have been removed or abandoned following closure of the line by Amtrak in 1971, some remnants still remain including certain portions of trackbeds or trestles which can be seen throughout certain areas what once formed part of the route taken by trains operated by C&A.

Final Words:
The “A” stands for Alton Railroad - a historic railroad company whose legacy lives on long after they ceased operations more than fifty years ago. From serving numerous passengers traveling between cities during wartime needs to inspiring current businesses in replicating aspects like customer service strategies today - there is no denying the impact they made on railway transportation throughout America's history. "A" forever remains a significant symbol of early railroading across the US that will never be forgotten by those who knew them best.

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