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Allergy and immunology is an important field of medicine that focuses on the immune system and its reactions to outside influences. Allergists are specially trained to diagnose, treat, and manage allergies and immunological disorders. In this article, we will be discussing some frequently asked questions related to allergy and immunology.


A&I meaning in Medical in Medical

A&I mostly used in an acronym Medical in Category Medical that means allergy and immunology

Shorthand: A&I,
Full Form: allergy and immunology

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What are common conditions treated by allergists?

Common conditions treated by allergists include allergies (hay fever, skin allergies, food allergies), asthma, sinusitis, immunodeficiency syndromes, eczema, hives, insect sting allergies, drug allergies, primary immune deficiencies as well as other allergic and immunologic conditions.

How do allergists diagnose a condition?

Allergists typically use a combination of physical exams, patient history/symptoms questionnaire along with laboratory or skin tests to diagnosis a condition. Tests used may include blood tests (RAST test), skin prick testing or patch testing.

How can conditions associated with allergy and immunology be treated?

Treatment plans may vary depending on the type of condition being treated but could generally involve lifestyle modifications such as changes in diet or using air filters at home; medication; avoidance of certain triggers; or allergen-specific immunotherapy (allergy shots).

Final Words:
Allergy and Immunology is an essential field of medicine that focuses on understanding the body's responses to environmental factors causing allergic symptoms. With the help of specially trained allergist it is possible to diagnose and successfully treat several different types of allergic reactions from hay fever to food sensitivities.


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