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Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) is a major British bus and coach manufacturer that has been in operation since 1912. ADL manufactures buses, coaches and double-decker buses for public service, school transport and private sector applications. The company produces more than 12,000 vehicles every year from its production plants in the United Kingdom, Ireland and China. With a turnover of over £1 billion, ADL is one of the world's leading bus and coach manufacturers and provides its customers with innovative solutions through cutting-edge design and engineering excellence.


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Shorthand: ADL,
Full Form: Alexander Dennis Limited

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ADL offers a wide range of products including single-decker buses, double-deckers, midi buses and minibuses as well as city transit vehicles like articulated buses. The company also produces luxury coaches for intercity travel by providing seating capacities ranging from 12 to 78 passengers per vehicle. Furthermore, ADL provides its customers with aftermarket services such as servicing, body building repairs and maintenance services along with parts supply options. Its manufacturing plants employ over 5500 people worldwide making it one of the largest employers in the bus industry.


ADL was founded by Alexander Ritchie who opened his first coachbuilding shop in Falkirk Scotland in 1912. Over the next century the company expanded exponentially to become one of the largest producers of buses and coaches around the world. In 2019 ADL announced a partnership with Chinese carmaker BYD Auto Company to produce battery electric buses in Europe known as "Enviro200EV" which run on zero emission powertrains offering improved fuel economy compared to conventional diesel vehicles.

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What is Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL)?

ADL is a British manufacturer of buses, coaches and double-deckers that has a presence in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America. It is the largest bus and coach manufacturing company in the UK and its products are sold around the world.

What does ADL do?

ADL's core activities include design, engineering and manufacture; worldwide sales of buses and coaches; aftermarket support; related parts and services; finance solutions; leasing, rental and hire solutions; operations & maintenance services; digital data management solutions.

Where are ADL's offices located?

ADL has offices throughout the United Kingdom including London, Scarborough, Falkirk, Guildford and Huddersfield as well as locations in Germany, France, USA, India and Hong Kong.

What types of vehicles does ADL manufacture?

ADL manufactures single deck vehicle such as City Buses & Taxis as well as midi buses & minibuses for rural & intercity applications. In addition to this they produce double deck buses for city centres & sightseeing tours along with full size coaches for both intercity & long distance touring applications.

How long has ADL been operating?

Alexander Dennis Ltd was launched in 1918 when two Scottish entrepreneurs - WG Alexander & JP Dennis - joined forces to form what eventually became Scotland's leading independent bus operator. Since then it has grown significantly becoming an international business across four continents.

Does ADL provide financing options?

Yes, with customers ranging from small operators to global fleets users alike - all of whom have different needs - Flexible Finance Solutions have been developed to meet their demands. These include more traditional methods such as vehicle leasing or hire purchase right through to bespoke funding packages tailored to individual requirements.

Does ADL offer training programs?

Yes! At their dedicated facility at Kingswood Lakeside Training Centre near Guildford in Surrey — known as 'The Knowledge Centre' — experts from across the business provide tailored training solutions including a Driver Training Program which can be customised according to customer requirements.

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Alexander Dennis Limited has established itself as one of the premier bus builders around the world through a combination of innovative design solutions along with excellent customer service backed up with informed aftermarket support services. As environmental regulations become stricter across the globe, ADL continues to be at the forefront of sustainable transportation solutions having already delivered thousands of zero emission Enviro200EV models across Europe since 2019.

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